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Corney quits as Ched deal OFF

Date published: 08 January 2015


LATICS was a club in crisis this afternoon after the deal for convicted rapist Ched Evans was sensationally halted and Simon Corney believed to have quit as chairman.

The striker, released halfway through a five-year prison sentence last October, was thought to have agreed a two-and-a-half-year deal.

Evans was on the verge of being unveiled but Latics - besieged by national media - pulled out.

It is understood Corney's decision to quit centres on personal threats to family members as the story has prompted polarised views on a national scale.

Barry Owen's board position is also in doubt.

Jim McMahon, the leader of Oldham council, confirmed the deal is off and said the issue had caused "intimidation, abuse and harassment".

McMahon said in a statement: "I understand Oldham Athletic's move to sign Ched Evans is off.

"I've always believed in rehabilitation but felt that both club and player should have allowed Mr Evans' appeal to run its course before agreeing a contract. As it stands Mr Evans has been found guilty in a court of law and has not yet completed his sentence. "However, I take no pleasure in this outcome.

The whole episode has divided the town and public opinion and there are no winners in all this ­ not least of all the reputation of our club and town.

"In recent days we've seen an horrendous 'trial by social media' with intimidation, abuse and harassment on a scale that has cast a terrible shadow. "I am urging people on all sides of this debate to please now take stock, show some restraint and calm.

"We want to see Oldham Athletic prosper and that's why we backed plans to redevelop Boundary Park to secure a positive future.

"I also believe that Simon Corney has the best intentions and ambitions for the club as its owner. I hope he and other board members now take stock and consider the wider interests of the club as a part of the community and as an ambassador for Oldham."

UPDATE: Latics official statement.


Well, mob rule has certainly had its say in the running of OAFC. Hope some peoople out there have something else to do on a Saturday afternoon now . . .

I hope it's true that Corney has quit as it is his fault for this whole fiasco......I also hope it's true that Barry Owen (the man who represents the fans view, but never asks their opinions)goes as well.

Horrific, I hope the perpetrators get caught and imprisoned.

SKAY, great comment NOT!! what the hell do you think will happen now. Without Corney we are doomed. unless you have a spare £7M?????

All those who wanted to sign a convicted and unrepentent rapist should resign. Any person who has threatened violence against anyone involved should be vigourously chased and caught. 2 wrongs dont= right.But please please dont use the threats an excuse.The reasons given should be that the values of the club and town do not fit with employing him. At least I can now resume being a fan again but the embarassment of this whole fiasco will linger for many years. Just what was Corney thinking of?????

glad corneys gone ???????????? are you going to write the cheques skay.no corney no club. this has to be the biggest joke in football. you couldn't write it. 4 weeks ago we were in the top 6, now we will be lucky to survive until the end of the season.

it is a disgrace how bullying and self righteous mob rule have bought this disaster on a great club. To say this is all Corney's fault is pure nonsense- he was the only man to show any resolve and stand for waht he believed was right

Twitter And Mob United 1 - Legal Course Of Actions 0

A sorry set of circumstances around a complicated moral issue with rights and wrongs and intemperate opinions and behaviour by some on both sides. I think on balance the right decision has been reached but its consequences for the club do not bode well for its future.

Those fools whose total intransigence in this latest sorry headline have caused Simon Corney to tender his resignation will not worry one jot as to the where the club now stands. No money, no prospects and a ship that appears to be sinking fast with no shore in sight. I did not see this coming but without doubt this is an unmitigated disaster and I genuinely believe there is the concept of Oldham Athletic going to the wall. Over 65 years of total support downed by an unsympathetic faceless mob.

@ gm fresh and DARTH.....When was the last time that a league club went bust???.....There will always be interest and someone to purchase Latics if Corney was to go.
Corney and Owen must go because they will be the laughing stock for what has been their complete lack of judgement.
Any right thinking person could have foreseen whats happened, after what happened at Sheffield Utd. They were after a good player on the cheap regardless of opinion, so they should now pay the price with their jobs.

What a total disgrace and that opinion is directed at the "bully boys" the "Media"and anyone else who has joined in this "witch hunt"..against an attempted progressive move by OUR TOWN TEAM CLUB which appears now perhaps, to force our Major Shareholder and Club Owner into taking the action he has.
We now have no club.....your fault.
I for one don't blame Simon Corney, goodness knows how he has put up with the disgusting actions, comments and behaviour by some so called fans is not acceptable.

BBC Sport reporting the statement is not true, he has not stepped down, Who is correct?

I categorically condemn any threat to anybody in this and other cases. However, I believe that the Board has been extremely naive for not learning the lessons from Sheffield United - they should have foreseen this scenario was likely to happen. Oldham Athletic is a football club not a centre for criminal rehabilitation but let's face it their real interest was obtaining a quality player on the cheap.

The "self righteous" "holier than thou" people win again!!

For all those celebrating Corney resigning.

Oldham Athletic - Simon Corney = Stockport County

@skay, I take it that you are in favour of the spineless trolls that have threatened Corneys family. As to finding another owner , I look forward to your list of potential buyers so that we can put everyone's mind at rest

I hope this does not mean more council tax payer money being used / given to prop up Oldham AFC, the supporters of OAFC number 2K to 3 K approx 1.5% of
the Oldham MBC population, and over the years the council tax payers as subsidised them to much, for far to long. McMahon please take note.

Well done guys you've just pressed the "self destruct" button!!

Without doubt this issue has reached almost universal paranoia but the 'messager' with the non-de-plume of 'Skay' must have been floating in some type of neo world if he cannot recall that a club under the banner of STOCKPORT COUNTY went to the wall not too long ago. Nuf Sed!!

skay - what world are you living in, it's not the real one !!!

What a sad, bad and even worse, totally self inflicted situation. The right decision in the end, and the thugs who threatened families should be shredded, but where in the final statement was there any mention of the interests of the fans? Or as Jim McMahon has said, the damaged reputation of the club and the town? Makes me weep.

Nice one SKAY. Somebody will probably buy the club, but it's doubtful weather the same level of investment will be made. Those who are glad Corney has gone, don't start moaning as we plummet into non league with a three and a half sided stadium. This is the beginning of Oldham's demise into the football wilderness. Once again the general intellect of the average Oldham fan is on display for all to see...Well done!!!.

He hasn't quit thank god

I take it the police will be arresting the people threatening staff at Latics. Mob rule has won in the end and we should never give into that just like we should never give into terrorists. The media and Politicians have played their part whipping up frenzy.

Jim McMahon. Another who believes in rehabilitation with their own caveat added on over and above what the law of the land demands. Evans's sentence was his time incarcerated and the remainder on licence, which allows him to get in with his life including employment, of which being a footballer does not bar him from. Except for in the minds of the mob who yesteryear would have been brandishing pitchforks.

i hope those morans who threatened and bullied mr corney and others ,are pleased with themself,they have probably killed off my club,and got rid of the one person who kept us afloat.i am sure those morans are not even fans.

Agree with Discoden. The BBC seem to have pulled the reports of Corney resigning. They've edited their stories. It may change again yet, perhaps we should all take a breath and wait till something concrete emerges.

skay - So you're so clever now after the event. Didn't see many of your posts predicting this before it happened. So Corney has to step down because he tried to improve the club? He's ben an excellent Chairman and has stood by us when he could have walked away many times over. Be careful what you wish for BTW we went bust in 2004 remember? or were you still on another planet then?

I hope the 70,000 online protesters show their support now that they've got their own 'bullying' way? Come down to Boundary Park on Saturday and put some money into the coffers to help the club; this includes you Jim McMahon, Debbie Abrahams, Tony Lloyd, David Cameron etc. etc

No Micky you won't see the 70000 protesters attend any of Oldham's games because they are all GOB that's why!!

Latics Observer, can you not recognise the irony in accusing others of acting like 'bully boys' in this particular case? Few crimes are more synonymous with bullying than rape and those responsible for Evans' website have continued to bully his victim ever since his conviction. I truly hope Latics survive this crisis but it has been brought about entirely by behaviour from the board which is hugely insensitive at best and totally irresponsible at worst.

oldhamer5676 Have you actually looked at the website you're referencing? It's their one opportunity to put their side of the case and there is nothing on there that I could extrapolate as bullying? It sets out the events as they see them, the chronology of events. Bullying? Do you imagine that wouldn't be all over the media if they could squeeze a bullying reference out of it? I'd suggest there is rather a gulf between that site and the reported death threats that have been whipped up by the mob

I don't understand the mindset of someone who finds rape so abhorrent that they are moved to threaten to do the same themselves, apparently accompanied by death threats. I think that the growth of this tactic of intimidation to get what cannot be achieved by any other means is deeply disturbing.

The Board has taken OAFC into this situation and worse still they have not been upfront with the fans, they say they're not signing Evans, then they are! Grimsby Town has openly said that a financial backer offered to pay Evans wages but they turned this opportunity down... I wonder who the backer is, Someone close to Evans perhaps? Can OAFC be so easily bought? I'm proud of this town and club, they must survive this.

Oldhamer - lets get this right.! at no time have I condoned or supported anything Ched Evans may or may not have done, I do not support anyone convicted of any crime or act of Anti Social actions for anything - but we do all make mistakes throughout our lives, YOU TOO I guess, but then again maybe you are one of those angels who never have? so never learned that we have law of the land, which punishes people for their crimes, the same laws allows these people once time served another chance !!

The club should have stuck to its guns Here is good Chairman who has put millions into the club,so IF Mr Corney has resigned this has been forced upon him by mob rule and the rent a crowd lot who signed the on line peition. Oh lets not forget the hand of Jim McMahon. Debbie Abrahams, Tony LLoyd, Vera Baird up there in Newcastle and the Bishop of Manchester, David Cameron, Ed Milliband and the other publicity seeking politicians. Will you all be at the next home match. I doubt it somehow.

Swatch... I've looked at the website and I feel it is offensive to the victim... Her father also feels the same way and this is why he has complained to the Attorney general's office and they are looking into it. Also, it is not their one opportunity to 'put their side of the case' presumably that happened in a court of law after which the jury gave their verdict of guilty.

If it's true so be it. Not one step forward in 13 years. Falling crowds, false promises, ground decay, the Failsworth debacle, 'undisclosed sales' and cup run money gone where? Into the slowest built stand in British history? This week totally Embarrassed and dragged through the gutter by a clueless board. Joy and Owen need to go too. Latics need to recover some pride and dignity as a famous old club, not be the whim of the owners ego. The club will find new owners, clubs always do.

think i may have to get to boundary park early on saturday what with all those 60,000 new fans we have clamoring to support the club now whats that you say none of them have any thing to do with the club well i never

That's the end of Oldham Athletic now that Mr Corney has resigned, he worked hard to keep the football club going. The lynch mob out there are no better than the scum that's in prison and the police should get involved now and chase down these people handing out death threats. Come on cowards show your faces bet you won't. The media caused all this and the tv reporters all have had a hand in it, now the Club will go to the wall, well done to the mob and TV reporters hope you are all proud.

Hey, don't be so glum! Once the Latics have ceased to exist - it won't be long now that SC has gone - Jim and his boys from Council Chambers can sell the land to a developer to builds a multiplex cinema, then encase BP in plastic wrapping, install a totally unnecessary sound system with Oldhamers reminiscing about "'ow good it were back in th'owd days when t'Latics were in t'Premier League, then go way over budget and pull out of the deal, leaving it as a monument to a once-great club

The signing of Ched Evans, although central to OAFC, is a much wider issue, hence the responses from people all over the UK. A small number of commenters will be Latics fans, others not but they still have the right to voice their opinion without others being offensive towards them. Anyone making threats, causing harm, or carrying out acts of violence to others should be dealt with by the police and courts but referring to people as the mob, or scum bcos you don't agree with them isn't helpful

Oldham have lost a goodun because this lad could score GOALS!

Latics Observer, I know you have never condoned CE's actions any more than I would condone threats to club officials and yes of course I have made mistakes in my life. Had I made a 'mistake' involving any sort of sex crime however I would never have been allowed to return to my profession and rightly so. Like it or not footballers are icons/role models particularly for young men and are community representatives. I believe his behaviour disqualifies him from assuming those roles again.

The hysteria on here is quite unbelievable. Against Ched Evans joining the club? You must be one the idiots making threats! Opposed to Corney? You must want the club to die! People seem to forget the catalogue of terrible decisions and unforthcoming promises Corney has made. Oldham Arena? Failsworth? The 3-sided stadium? Most managers he appointed? Making them change squads every season with free transfers and loanees? Reducing the average crowd by almost half? Making Oldham a laughing stock?

And Corney works so hard for the club that in times of crisis, he's in New York, making himself richer. And where has the love gone for his two amigos? Remember them? If the club doesn't survive without him, then it'd be because there aren't enough fans who could be bothered to do anything about it.

Accrington Blue, sadly didn't see anything positive other than your ongoing false comments and criticism of the guy who has in reality stuck by us through thick and thin.
How about you taking over as Chairman, Director, Chief Executive, Manager, and player with angels hovering above you

so those shouting mob rule.out of order.so would you allow your son or daughter put a picture up in their bedroom?
the young woman has had to move house for the 5th time in december.it's time the Clubs,and the have written in the contracts of signing a player,or the FA having them registered.no 'lifestyles' that bring the club into disrepute.or the country team,or football in general.

Latics Observer, there is nothing positive in the last 13 years and all of my comments are true. Rochdale have a better stadium, we now have similar crowds to Bury. There has been no thick and thin, just thin and thin. Also, if you are happy with this week, probably the grubbiest week in our 120 year history, good for you.

What a sad week this has been for everyone.

I think SC has threatened to walk away on previous occasions I just hope he reconsiders. Knee jerk decisions are not the way to run a business and SC will know that. There needs to be a 'calming down' period as tensions have run extremely high on this saga.

If he does go we will not be a good proposition for a new owner with land and stadium still with the 3 Amigo's.

Little chance the new stand will be completed now.

Lets get one thing straight here, this is not about the baying MOB!, this is about the idiots that put us in this situation!, if they wanted to feel the water about Evan's then 24hrs is more than enough with damage limitation, now the club due to them carrying on a whole week with this pathetic episode, has alienated supporters, sponsors even some of their own staff within OAFC...to some Corney may be a saviour of OAFC but mostly has contributed to its downfall.

Skay. Are you sure there is a list of investors just waiting to pump money into an ailing lower league club. I doubt it very much. What Latics should have done without any pre warning was to hand out voting slips to the 3,500 or so home fans at the next home game. A simple Yes or No to signing Evans and then to go with the majority result. Then they would know what the genuine fans felt and not the mob on line or the politicians.


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