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Latics owner: ‘I’ve had enough’

Reporter: Matthew Chambers
Date online: 13 January 2015

SIMON CORNEY is ready to sell Latics after a week of controversy and turmoil in which his hopes of signing Ched Evans came crashing down.

The chairman and owner remains convinced it was right to chase the signature of the former Sheffield United striker and is philosophical over the failure.

His overall enthusiasm for the task at SportsDirect.com Park has waned - to the extent he wants to hand over the club as soon as possible.

Corney hopes the long-term financial benefits of the new North Stand, due for completion in time for next season, will help to attract a buyer.

“I’ve had enough and it’s no secret,” said Corney from New York. “Where does it all end, in 15 or 20 years’ time?

“I’ve been here for 12 years and I just don’t have the same interest any more. I love the club and love the game but enough is enough.

“I would like to find a buyer. Hopefully it will be a lot more sellable with a new stand there. And I would want it to go to the right person.”

Corney bemoans the fact that by the end of last week, the Evans controversy had attracted more comment from political figures than Boko Harem’s massacre of up to 2,000 people in Nigeria.

But he is content the issue has been put to bed: “I’m completely over it. It came and it went, that was it. I was over here when it was all going on and it grew to be a lot bigger than I thought. But once the answer became a no, that was that. I still think the right thing would have been to take him, I really do. But in the end it wasn’t to be. We underestimated the attention and fury.”

Corney stressed that he maintains a strong relationship with the council and leader Jim McMahon, despite their opposition to the Evans deal.

Corney, who is set to return to watch the fixtures against Fleetwood and Rochdale on Saturday and Tuesday, lost a director this week with the resignation of Richard Taylor, who alos opposed the deal.


Good riddance!.....time for a change!....for someone who knows what they're doing.

Cheerio you wont be missed, your twelve years at the club has been an epic failure, bad decisions and an inability to achieve anything on or off the pitch. Get someone in who genuinely cares about the club.

Wish you lot would make your minds up. One day's he out, next he's in, next he's out again!

Firstly, thank you for funding the club for 12 years, and I understand what your saying.

Secondly, your right the new stand should attract a buyer and hopefully one with more money to push us up the league and beyond

Thirdly, if any negative comments from other people, then maybe they should put their money where their mouth is to fund a bottomless pit

Sad news this :( Without Corney, and the other two amigos, we would have no club at all after what that conman and crook Moores did to us. I hope either he can be persuaded to change his mind or a credible buyer with sufficient funds be found, or, we will follow Stockport County.

Thanks for everything you have done for the club Simon.
I've had my criticisms in the past but I do believe you have been unlucky, and at times banged your head against the wall.
I'm also confident you will find an appropriate buyer.
Superb statement regarding Boko Harem, absolutely true.
It was nice to meet you at The Etihad too.

If Corney is genuinely selling, which he has been saying he would for years, is the asking price going to be reasonable this time? #oafc I wish him all the best.

to all those moaners who will be pleased with this.ask yourself ,where would we be without him,he has single handed kept this club afloat on pitiful gates,and will leave us with a new stand,decent team and a good manager

Hold on, if he said he already he wanted to sell off Latics how does this represent any change? Or is this just an easy excuse to advertise nationally the club is up for sale.
How a management team (and FA) cannot see the ethical/moral issues of a player being on the sex offenders register is beyond me (Lee Hughes wasnt). Especially as the same people will not provide smoking zones, a decision which cost over a 1000 drop in attendances.

Very odd how he's suddenly come to this decision just after the Evan's debacle. Pram, toys, and out of, come to mind.

This news, although no great surprise, still makes sad reading.Without doubt Simon is the best owner ever at Latics and not just because we have had the likes of Chris Moore and Ken Bates in the past, but because of his honesty. But sad also because he still maintains it was right to pursue Evans. No surprise that blinkered Barry still thinks that, but that a man of much greater intellect and vision should still hold that view after all that has happened is to me completely incomprehensible.

dont blame you you have tried your best dont leave us in muck please

dont worry after all jim mcmahon will save the club after all it was the council who blocked the ched evans deal last week threatening to remove all funding, thanks for the last 12 years simon you tried you saved the club now lets hope jim puts up....

For those who believe Latics would be where Stockport County are now without Corney, there is another example. When Corney took over, Swansea City were bottom of the fourth tier. They were taken over by the fans, got a chairman with vision and have risen to be one of the top ten teams in the country.

graham-walker. Pitiful gates? Well, they averaged 6,600 when Corney took over.

And re. Chris Moore. People seem to forget just how many thought he was fantastic when he came in and believed his ridiculous plans. These are probably the same people who hero-worshipped the other two amigos until they did a runner. They are people who love any authority figure.
I'd be happy to see Corney go, but another millionaire owner replacing him should also be viewed with scepticism.

Maybe Skay and Meat Pie will put their money where their mouth is Dog with a bone.

I have to say that those critics of Simon Corney should be totally ashamed of themselves. Their short sighted and oft cancerous remarks regarding S.C. are IN MY OPINION so far off the mark that I wonder if they are actually true supporters of the club! To those who continue to blab on about Ched Evans I quote from the Magna Carta..'No man shall be punished so heavily as to deprive him of his livelihood'. There is also modern law re-intimidation and hostility et.etc. OAFC without S.C. sad!!

You see, the difference between you and us Mr corney is that we love OUR club. It's in OUR heart and soul and WE will NEVER fail it or give up on it however bad things may and do get. The same applies to OUR managers they, like chairman they come and go. So regardless of how much money you have ploughed in, and thank you for it, this is will always be OUR (the 2800 of us) club.

Simon, if you feel like that how do you think the loyal 3500 fans feel about not being consulted at all on the CE debacle? Commercial suicide by the ones we trust to know what they are doing.

Some of us could say the same thing.

Simon has done his best and kept the club going in often difficult times.All the fans should recognise this.With another investor on board the club might have been able to move forward. As is the club is merely treading water in a stadium and with facilities that belong to the 1970s.The future does not look rosey.I hope a significant investor can be found but I am not holding my breath.My worry is that we do a Stockport.

SC has provided a statement on Latics website clarifying the position which is as it has been for sometime club is for sale but only to right buyer.

lets hope indeed pray we get someone else who cares about us and also has a few bob, god knows where this person is im sure corney will want his pound of flesh , all this uncertainty will do nothing to help the club in the short term and there will be no new signings now!!

Lots of us still admire what you do SC!

Oldham disease strikes again seeing some of the negative comments above, given the guy has ploughed millions of his own money in to the club and kept us afloat for the last 12 years I cant thank him enough and every decision has been with the club's interest at heart, some good some bad. To the perennial moaners, go and support United or here's one, put the same proportion of your income/savings in to the club as Corney has if you want to help....hmm thought not

Well skay and Meat Pie you have got your wish. Are you so sure there are investors waiting in the wings. I don't think so. You might be sorry in 12 months time. As for Bpor Bust. How do you know that 1,000 fans deserted because there is no smoking shelter.. What a ridiculous assertion.
How many grounds can you name that do have smoking shelters.

I hope he doesn't sell, because from what I have seen over the past 20 or more years, he has been one of our strong captains of what for decades has been a leaky old ship, which is now undergoing somewhat of a re-fit. Those who say good riddance and are glad to see this happen (if it does), be careful what you wish for.....

Why is it a 'superb statement' about Boko Harem LaticsWaj? I don't really understand SC's annoyance. British politicians can do little, other than offer sympathy, where events in Nigeria are concerned and especially when terrorism is involved. They should however surely be expected to offer a meaningful opinion on matters of 'home grown' morality.

he as only himself to blame regards to the carry on last week, very badly handled from all involved.

@pablatic, I agree with your views about best ownership and that employing Evans was a wise move but would ask you not to forget John Lowe who pulled us out of the mire when Mr Bates (not he of Downton) wanted his cash back and club was close to collapse and oblivion.

He has kept the club going for the last 10 years all those who want him to go should be carefull what they wish for

When the final chapter is written about the ownership of Latics by Simon Blitz, Danny Gazal and Simon Corney - the 3 Amigos (TTA) - they will go down in history as the men who saved Oldham Athletic from bankruptcy and extinction in 2003.

Over the 10 years or more TTA - mostly in the form of Blitz - must have invested in the region of £10m at Boundary Park. For that alone they deserve the thanks of all Latics fans.

For those who say 'good riddance' you are too young, myopic, or both.

@pablatic, In my response I should have said "would not be a wise move"

He has saved the club and kept them in division 1 with his own money full credit to him as we have 2nd division gates.
The only bad point is his lack of ability to appoint decent managers (excluding Lee Johnson) as his track record shows Dave Penney and Brian Talbot to name a couple.

SC I wish you all the best in the future.

Simon for what you have done for us, we will forever be in your debt.
And for all of those who harp on about it being "our Club" unless you are a major shareholder its not! Trust Oldham is purely a gesture from the Club. Its not "our Club" if it was, we'd all be in serious debt now. so do me a favour, if you don't like it, don't go anymore. Chances are, many of you don't go, just sit in your hovels dishing up troll filth!!!!!

I see skay is at it again with such positive comments. Still waiting for the list of potential buyers from skay and other like minded people.

Postdate in response to Austiabz - no disrespect to John Lowe was intended and I should certainly have mentioned him. To the other kindred spirits who were shaken to the core by the prospect of the Evans deal, maybe we did swing it the right way in the end,contrary to what blinkered Barry thinks. But for those who sneer at SC and say good riddance I have nothing but contempt. Can only repeat though how sad it is that SC still adopts a 'no regrets over CE' posture


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