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Saved by a voice from grave

Date published: 15 January 2015

AN Oldham medium claims Myra Hindley and Ian Brady tried to abduct her when she was a child - but the voice of their victim Keith Bennett helped her to escape.

In her new book “Shadow Hand” Maria Whitworth, who grew up in Oldham but now lives in Washington, USA, tells the chilling tale of how in 1965, Hindley grabbed her by the arm when she was eight and tried taking her to Brady.

Maria says Hindley knelt next to her and offered her money and a lift home from Daisy Nook fair.

Moments before this Maria said she heard in her head the voice of a young boy — whom she believes was 12-year-old Keith Bennett.

When Hindley started walking hr away to find Brady, she knew her intentions were bad and that she needed to escape. Then the voice of Keith Bennett told her to run for her life.

In the book Maria says: “She (Hindley) was smiling but I saw the intention to hurt written across her lips. Then a voice - of the little boy - exploded in my ear saying, ‘run, run for your life’.

“I noticed a tall, dark haired man approaching us and they seemed to know each other. I heard the voice again and just for a second her grip on my arm loosened. I slipped free and ran like the clappers without looking back.”

Months later, she says, after she was playing when news of Brady and Hindley being arrested appeared on TV: “My stomach heaved and twisted as black and white mug shots of the pair came on,” she said.

In the book Maria also says Hindley connected with her from the grave two years ago and told her in detail about what happened to Keith Bennett, which is also in the book.


Maria, if you are a Medium then you should have spent your efforts helping Keith's long suffering, heartbroken mother Winnie; in help finding his grave, Not trying to make money on such a heinous crime.
And if you were any good, you'd have put a voice in my head stopping me from writing this post! Fraudster.

oh god, what rubbish!, i hope nobody buys this tat.cashing in on others misery, should be ashamed.

Whether this woman is the 'real deal', I honestly can't say. But what I do know with absolute certainty, is that such abilities exist.

This story is about how 'the truth no matter how long it takes, it will come out" Children are born with a sixth sense we are convinced controlled manipulated and brainwashed thereafter into forgetting how it works. it's an education we were once taught and what was abolished long ago, on purpose making us have 2 3rds no clue today, meaning is why 2 3ds of our brain power is inoperative.

Tact and common decency would prevent any right minded person from wishing to profit from the ordeal the Bennett family were subjected to.

I'm a very good friend of Alan Bennett and I think it's disgraceful that people like yourself continue to cause the family even more upset than what they already have, you do not have the family's best interest at heart all your in it for is to earn a few quid by writing utter garbage, I'm not saying the incident at daisy nook never happened but the voice? Who you kidding? if you had anything about you Maria you would use your "psychic abilities" to try to help find Alan find his brother...

Absolute rubbish! Anyone claiming to be a medium is a manipulative fraud or mentally unstable. As for the same old rubbish trashed out again & again try doing some research as we DO NOT have a brain that is 2/3 inoperative. We have a brain that has function & response tied to specific areas not a one trick pony it's so complex it needs 25% of the calories eaten every day to function. There are no psychics that's why they have to advertise live shows by law as "for entertainment purposes only"

@ Shaun McGrath. If so why are not all murder cases solved by a psychic or medium branch of the Police?

@ Shaun McGrath. If so why are not all murder cases solved by a psychic or medium branch of the Police?

I honestly can't answer that question, MD. I can only speak for myself in saying that through a combination of anecdotal evidence and my own reading and research, I'm convinced that such abilities exist.

@ Shaun McGrath. If so why are not all murder cases solved by a psychic or medium branch of the Police?


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