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Hunt’s hospital visit ‘broke code’

Reporter: Gillian Potts
Date online: 03 July 2015

MP Angela Rayner accused health secretary Jeremy Hunt of being “a thief in the night” when he failed to tell her he was visiting Tameside General Hospital.

Local MP Angela has demanded a public apology from Mr Hunt saying he broke the Ministerial Code of Conduct by not notifying her in advance of his trip to the hospital on June 26.

She claims he did it to avoid her challenging him about the crisis facing the NHS under his government.

Mrs Rayner says she still hasn’t had any communication from the minister, and is demanding that he apologises to the Commons.

“If I had been notified of his visit, I would have made sure he heard both from patients and staff, not hand-picked officials, about the pressures Government policy is piling on our NHS. But it seems he just didn’t want to know about the very real issues.”

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Ms Rayner has some brass front! Has she forgotten about her parties catastrophic mismanagement of the NHS which resulted in the North Staffs appalling debacle? Or how about the transfer of the chief exec to the care quality commission when she presided over a cover up at Furness General hospital?
Labour has no grounds to criticise anyone over the NHS and Ms Rayner might do well to remember that.

@flake - I know it's not like you to provide a comment on a subject completely unrelated to the article in question but this article is about ministerial code of conduct and basic courtesy among fellow MPs.


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