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BREAKING: Death of Michael Meacher, MP

Reporter: Alex Carey
Date online: 21 October 2015

VETERAN Oldham MP Michael Meacher has died after a short illness.

The office of the 75-year-old Labour stalwart, who had been MP in the constituency since 1970, confirmed his death earlier today.

More details around his death are yet to be confirmed but he is believed to have died in hospital earlier today.

Mr Meacher retained his Oldham West and Royton seat with a whopping 14,738 majority in May, this year.

In the last Labour government he was Minister of State for the Environment, first at the Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions (19972001), then at the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (20012003). He was sacked in June, 2003. Previously in his long political career he was shadow minister for environmental protection and overseas development.

He also been shadow secretary of state for transport, social security, employment and health and social services.

Peter Dean, Mr Meacher's PA and Office manager, said: "We are extremely sad and it has been quite a short illness he has had and we just don't know the details at present.

"He was such a well respected person and we will just try to deal with any problems people in the area have ongoing. We will still try to assist in anyway we can.

"We are extremely sad for his family but all of his staff here at his office have worked with him for 20 years so it is almost like a family bereavement for us.

"Our office usually deals with around 5,000 cases every year so he has impacted on an enormous amount of people's lives."


Read our two-part interview with Michael Meacher by correspondent Martyn Torr, originally published in the Chronicle in November 2014





While not agreeing with his political line, I for one will be sad to see the demise of one of the North West's longest serving MPs. He has represented Oldham with dignity and aplomb. May he rest in peace. Condolences to his family and many friends.

Very sad to hear the news of the death of Michael Meacher, at the relatively young age of 75.

Whatever you thought about his politics he served the people of Oldham for 45 years. RIP.

Michael was a wonderfully supportive MP and his efforts in resolving problems that members of my family had had thrust upon them, improved their lives immeasurably. We all feel his passing as a personal loss.

Rest In Peace. What a Humble person he was. He helped me out when i needed it. Proper sad day for the Oldham people.

Sincere condolences to the family of Michael Meacher MP. A great servant to Oldham and his long service is a testament to the man's faith in the town and its people. Whatever ones political views it cannot be denied that MM was a true gentleman and a staunch supporter of the working class. Rest in Peace!

not too much of a fan of Michael, however but God bless, R.I.P Michael

no great loss to oldham or the country.

Voting in favour of the Iraq war and a few other blemishes aside, Michael Meacher was undoubtedly one of the better class of MPs to take a seat in parliament. It is for his championing of the victims of Tory cruelty and indifference that I'd like to think he will be best remembered.

R.i.p Michael a great mp & servant to the town god bless you a man of principal

Loyal servant of the town I vaguely remember the duel election posters with Joel Barnett during 1970 when a mere boy. 45 years...great dedication.

This is a very sad day for Oldham. He worked hard for the town,and his death has shocked me.
He helped me out on lots of things,and my condlences to his family,
RIP Michael, you was a very wonderful man,and a brilliant MP.

I am shocked and saddened at Mr. Meacher's sudden death;a man I voted for enthusiastically at every general election. He was kind, courteous and professional and responded to my letters and e-mails on every occasion. A good principled man and an excellent constituency MP.

What a mean-spirited and puerile comment from 'Rico'. Michael Meacher made a difference to people's lives something I predict that 'Rico' never will.

How very sad, 45 years of campaigning for Oldhamers. R.I.P Michael we are richer for knowing you and poorer for your passing.

"Nice one Rico" if you haven't anything other than bile to spew out keep it shut.

I'm sure the passing of Mr Meacher will be deeply felt by those who knew & loved him. How many of those will be in Oldham however is probably few.
Born into a well off family, he attended private school, and later settled in the Cotswolds.

fighting for working class values while embracing upper class life style. Thems the facts. R.I.P Mr Meacher.

He served this town faithfully and conscientiously for almost half a century, one of the best constituency MP's around, Oldhamers were lucky to have such a principled compassionate man to represent them.
Flake, you really are a sad case. Why is it relevant how 'well off' his family were? Equally his education and where he chose to live didn't detract one iota from his commitment to the town. I suggest you keep your sad little prejudices to yourself rather than try to taint Mr Meachers memory.

The loss of a long serving MP, regardless of which political party they represented, is a sad day for Oldham.
Our thoughts should be with his family and friends who are in mourning. For once, let's put our political differences aside and pay our respects.

I was deeply saddened and devastated by the news of Mr. Michael Meacher’s passing.

It was an honour for me to have communicated with such a great person, a so kind and supportive man who always helped us tirelessly in our fight for animal rights as well as the abolition of fox hunting, too, being a strong voice of us in House of Commons.

He was an extraordinary man. In our thoughts, he shall always be alive. In our prayers, he shall always be included.

May he rest in peace.


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