Simple name works wonders on wards

Date published: 20 January 2016

THE story of a doctor with terminal cancer who set up the “Hello, My Name Is” campaign has inspired local healthcare cadets.

Dr Kate Granger spoke movingly about her life and experiences as a doctor and cancer patient during an event at Fairfield General Hospital. Dr Granger, from Leeds, was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer in 2011 and created the campaign on social media after becoming frustrated with staff who failed to introduce themselves when she was in hospital for treatment.

She said: “Saying ‘hello, my name is...’ is about a connection between a patient and a person trying to help them. It’s vitally important to get that first impression right.

“I got the idea for the campaign after an experience in an emergency department where I was treated by three different staff, none of whom introduced themselves.”

Dr Granger addressed an audience of 90 cadets aged between 16 and 18 years old who are all training and working on wards within the Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust, including the Royal Oldham Hospital.

Ursula Caldwell, a clinical educator at the trust said: “The Academy team discusses the campaign with cadets during their induction, but it’s an extra boost to have the person who began it come here. It brings the campaign to life.”

Molly Fitzpatrick, a first-year cadet from Blackley, said: “I think it’s amazing what Kate has achieved. It has inspired me to be confident and speak up. I always introduce myself to patients; it makes them more comfortable.”