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MP attacks cuts hitting disabled people

Date online: 08 March 2016

Oldham MP Debbie Abrahams is demanding impact assessments before cuts are made to disabled people’s benefits.

Mrs Abrahams, MP for Oldham East and Saddleworth and Shadow Minister for Disabled People, is leading Labour’s demands that the Government should rethink its stance on cuts to Employment Support Allowance (ESA) and carry out proper assessments of the effect they will have on claimants.

The cuts will affect those claiming ESA who are in a “work-related activity” group - people whose condition is accepted will limit their ability to work now, but who could work in the future.

Launching Labour’s opposition to cuts, Mrs Abrahams told the House of Commons: “The Government’s predilection for focusing on worklessness, when two thirds of children living in poverty are from working families, reveals exactly where they are coming from. It is about hammering the poor, whether they are in work or not.

“The net effect of tax and social security changes will increase the proportion of children in relative poverty by eight percentage points, and those in absolute poverty by three percentage points, by 2020.

“That means that one in four, 2.6 million, of our children will live in poverty.”

The Government wants to cut ESA, meaning disabled people will lose £30 per week, their benefit falling from £102.15 to £73.10 - the same as Jobseeker’s Allowance.

Following the debate, Mrs Abrahams, said: “There has been no assessment by the Government of the impacts this cut will have on the number of disabled people pushed into poverty, or the effects on their health condition or disability. The Government needs to stop its attacks on disabled people.”


The problem is when you cry wolf over so many times, no one believes you when a wolf really does come along.
This is a woman who has demanded the money tree provides cash for every hard luck cause which she wrings her hands over - and there's a lot.
When there's some thing which perhaps she does have a point over no one believes her.
Debs, this is a consequence of your own government wrecking the economy. You have learned nothing over spending, and cannot be trusted. Spend spend spend!

Does this MP ever stop. What part of we've no money is she failing to grasp?. This party is wholly unelectable. Thankfully the conservatives will be in power for a generation or more.

If D Abrahams is going to stand up for the disabled why does she not also tackle the preventable causes of many child disabilities with equal vigor? Oldham council recently approved £140,000 to be spent employing "genetic counsellors" because of the effects of consanguinity on children in Oldham. Consanguinity relates to the practice of multiple generations from the same family and small localised communities inbreeding which causes genetic abnormailty & a huge increase in people born disabled.

I disagree with you people who have been fortunate perhaps in your lives not to have suffered physical or mental ill health. So according to your argument people who have paid tax/NHI should be not to help themselves with perhaps saving for a holiday, buying a present for a relative and
not being able to visit relations or friends.Simple stuff which would be denied them for the rest of their lives.
Denying these things would make a person who is ill worse.

Flake once again pedals the lie that Labour tanked the economy when in power.I never read any criticism of his/her beloved Tory chancellor, the one who was going to eliminate the deficit by 2015 but has managed to DOUBLE the national debt to £1.6 TRILLION. what a success.

This lady and her councillor gang know how to oversee wastage on a grand scale, then she screams from the trees about government cuts. Typical self-serving politician.

Talking of making miserable the life of the poor, sick and vulnerable, wasn't it New Labour who introduced the Work Capability Assessment? Try googling ‘deaths and suicides WCA', to see what I'm talking about. New Labour (as they were in a previous incarnation) has a lot to answer for.

flake and ax102 are you stupid enough to believe only labour people are affected by this theft of benefits from the poor that has been overturned already by the lords.i hope you dont become disabled because then and only then will you know what it means.flakes attacks on ms abrahams is akin to stalking.for the criminal tories to drive people to poverty after the whole country has said its wrong is a dictatorship by inept chimps

Still tring to get brownie points for Labour she,ll after do better than she is to get the masses to vote Labout again

Maybe Debbie could front an "impact assessment" on Cllrs expenses? Would she feel they are obscene and the money better spent elsewhere like ESA payments? Would Debbie sacrifice her own expenses to help those less fortunate? Words are cheap.


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