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Out and about again - with bells on

Reporter: Ken Bennett
Date online: 24 March 2016

SADDLEWORTH villages will be treated to the hypnotic sounds of bells and clogs when the community’s famous morris men take to the streets this weekend.

Their colourful mosaic begins this evening and will snake through the villages tomorrow.

Traditionally the first public performance of their dancing calendar year begins at Maundy Thursday’s event at Road End Fair, Greenfield, when David Biggs officially becomes the team’s new squire.

David (44) joined the side in 1981 and takes over as squire from Eddie Worrall, who in turn is set to become squire of the Morris Ring, the national association of men’s morris and sword dance clubs.

After the ceremonial handover, members of the public will see new recruit David Harrison take part in the traditional Greenfield dance to earn the side’s instantly recognisable multi-coloured waistcoat.

Tomorrow the team will be joined by Earlsdon Morris Men from Coventry, a side considered to be one of the best in the world, alongside Saddleworth.

For more information, visit www.saddleworthmorrismen.co.uk


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