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Caught on CCTV - the moment a women is stabbed

Date published: 02 February 2009

CCTV footage has been released showing the moment a woman is stabbed in the car park at Sainsbury’s in Union Street.

It captures the terrifying attack — the second stabbing at an Oldham supermarket in a week — which happened as the 29-year-old was walking to her car at 8.20pm last Tuesday.

A man wearing a grey hoodie gets out of the front passenger seat of a silver Ford Fiesta — registration number EZ08 XHK — and demands that she hands over her bag and keys. When she refuses, he stabs her twice in the leg as three other men in the car watch.

The footage shows the victim running away as the man gets into the Fiesta, which was found abandoned by police minutes later in Glodwick.

All of the men were Asian and police are not ruling out a link with a stabbing a week earlier at Tesco, Westwood. In that attack a 50-year-old man who was waiting in his car for his wife was knifed after three Asian men demanded his car keys, mobile and money.

Speaking after the latest incident, Det Con Rob Kennedy said: “This was a horrific attack. The victim was attacked so violently and so quickly that we are treating the offender and his cohorts as dangerous men.

“We have several lines of inquiry to follow. If you know anything about this attack, please call us and we will treat it in the strictest of confidence.”

People with information should call Oldham CID on 0161-856 8951 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800-555111.


it sickens me that a small town like oldham has so much scum waiting to attack innocent people,well if its on cctv getting these scum shouldnt be a problem,should it?

Is this been treated as a racist attack ?? do they collect their benifits in the same way !

I am sick and tired of seeing thes packs of young Asians hanging around our town. How hard of them to pick on a young woman!The only thing that would scare them is to get a job!

These recent assaults confirm my long held view that Oldham is not a safe place for shopping. I hope the victims make a full recovery.

it wont be treated as a racist attack as it will only fuel racial tensions further!

Sainsburys has become a major black spot for crime! i have been a victim of it there myself. yet when i went in to see if there was cctv they said it didnt work!

at least this time it does! i hope they catch them soon!

Well I think we all know the police clean up rate with these people so watch this space

Keefey, unfortunately in this town yes. Methinks this is drugs related, as their source should be drying up a bit. No drugs, no top of the range BMWs. The police should keep a presence on Tesco carpark, drug handovers could be stopped, or at least cut down.

Maybe Sainsbury's could have security persons patrolling their car park instead of just the car park woman taking numbers to make sure we don't stay too long. Wouldn't that be better than just watching via CCTV? The operator obviously saw a problem as he/she was following the incident. Poor lady, I hope she recovers quickly and isn't too traumatised.

And I agree totally with Meldroo. Same at the end of Union St where they park up illegally to go in the take aways. Who agreed those planning applications with no parking?

The police would love to mount covert operations to catch these thugs, but it all comes down to manpower and money.
If these shopping and parking areas are danger spots please DONT USE THEM, it is about time that these stores where proactive employing security guards to patrol and deter these incidents, Oldham is a dangerous place and it needs proactive action.

meldroo said the J word, why should these cowards get a job when they can rob whomever they like, drive around in new cars (bmw's and range rovers etc) and collect the hard earned benefits each week.

This is getting out of hand now, someone is going to get seriously hurt if they keep getting away with it. The police say the two incidents aren't a coincidence...well many others will do. Hope the victims carry on with their normal lives because we shouldnt have to live in fear in our home town


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