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Cafe will open all hours for families

Date published: 26 May 2009

REGULARS at Chadderton Hall Park are celebrating the prospect of being able to quench their thirst on hot summer evenings.

A 600-name petition supporting longer opening hours at the Pavilion cafe was handed in to Oldham’s planners who gave a big thumbs-up to the idea.

It means that, from June 1, the cafe will be able to stay open an extra three hours — until 9pm.

Duncan Motley’s two sons, Jack (14) and Sam (10) are often in the park, playing football or riding their bikes with friends, and he said: “It will be ideal for them.”

Cafe owner Mike Cumiskey said the cafe would stay open in the evenings provided there was a demand.

“On nice evenings when there are lots of people in we will stay open perhaps until somewhere between 8pm and 9pm,” he said.

The move coincides with the cafe’s third anniversary, which, since it opened, has helped keep vandalism in the park down by encouraging families to stay longer.

Mike explained: “There was some opposition to longer opening hours by a small number of residents who live in the immediate vicinity, but the majority of residents and park users are in favour of longer hours.

“We are delighted, and it will help create a more family-friendly environment in the evenings.”


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