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Save our little bit of history

Date online: 26 May 2009

THE FIGHT to stop bulldozers heading to Broadway Library has been stepped up following moves to make it a listed building.

Members of the long-standing Chadderton Historical Society have applied to the English Heritage Society to make the library listed to prevent it being demolished.

Local councillors and residents lost their fight to keep the library open and it controversially closed its doors for the last time earlier this month.

Spokesman Mike Lawson said: “Although the building is not that old is a very important piece of South Chadderton’s history.

“It was built as the area’s contribution to the Coronation, in 1953, and is very rare.

“It is a great example of 1950s’ architecture.

“Most libraries were funded by the county council or the Andrew Carnegie Trust in that era, but Broadway Library was funded by the urban district council to celebrate the Coronation.

“We have already lost Radclyffe School which was the old grammar school so we don’t want to lose another slice of local heritage.

“If our application is successful it will make it very difficult for anyone to demolish the library.

“We have made the application on architectural and historical grounds so now we just have to keep our fingers crossed and hope we get the result we want.”

Frances Hirst, secretary of Oldham Area Civic Society, said “Oldham Area Civic Society is totally behind Chadderton Historical Society’s listing bid for Broadway Library.

“It is a charming building which enhances and adds character to the corner of Broadway it occupies, as well as being a fine example of 1950s’ architecture with good historical associations for the area.

“It would be shameful for Oldham to lose yet another building to demolition — a loss and impoverishment of the environment which would, no doubt, be mourned in the future.”

Councillor John McCann, cabinet member for community services and housing, said: “Broadway Library is not that old, it is a flat-roof building and very high maintenance.

“The site as a whole is valuable and we hope to demolish the old library and create a new community facility with a library service.

“There are buildings in Oldham that are much older than this and I would have thought these would be more worthy of becoming listed buildings.”


I was against closing this building as a library but have to, for once, agreee with a Councillor! The building is an eye-sore and would be a strange choice to be made 'grade-listed'.

Mr Lawson - we could done with your help when we were trying to save the library.

Yes this building, could possible class as "listed" - It was Built to Commenorate the Queens Correnation in 1952! And open as a LIBRAY! So listed and library go together with building.

Flat roof a problem - put a "peak" roof on it and problem solved!

If we removed everything that is 'very high maintenance',he, along with all the other councilors and high earners in the Civic Centre, would have to go

I agree with Michael. Councillor McCann fails to understand that his views of 1950's aesthetics is irrelevant. All architecture has its place and it is important that no period is obliterated. Age is irrelevant in architecture the record of progression of ideas and styles vital. OMBC is being the philstine again...shame

Mick Lawson is a top man and cares about Chadderton.I have told him that he should stand in the next election and get rid of the waste of space Councillors we currently have.
He should form "The Chadderton Party" T.C.P and get rid of the germ politicians who only care about the money and not Chadderton.

I have only just come across this discussion and feel compelled to add that years ago I used to live in Chadderton. I was a member of this library and considered it to be an excellent asset. I am sorry it has closed and more saddened that it is being considered for demolition. Looking back I always considered it to be quite a nice looking building which enhanced that part of Eaves Lane. I would imagine that with this coalitions cuts on spending the library would be the last thing to get rid of.


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