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Armed patrol

Reporter: USMA RAJA
Date online: 10 July 2009

Police probe Salford link

ARMED officers patrolled the streets of Chadderton last night after a 21-year-old man was gunned down and killed on Block Lane.

A heavy police presence provided reassurance to residents affected by the shooting, as well as deterring anyone from carrying out further offences.

Det Chief Supt Steve Heywood, head of GMP’s Serious Crime Division, said: “We know there has been speculation that this murder is linked to the shooting in Salford at the weekend.

“That is obviously a line of inquiry but at this stage no evidence of a link has been uncovered.”

Mohammed Junaid Khan, who lived with his mother Taj Mahal in Cotton Mill Crescent, Werneth, is believed to have been shot seven times in the car park of a doctors’ surgery on Wednesday night.

He was taken to the Royal Oldham Hospital where his sister works as a doctor, but later died.

A silver Mitsubishi Challenger was seen in the area and a man’s voice had been heard shouting. The same vehicle was later found burned out in the car park of Ancora restaurant, formerly the Red Barn, Broadway. No arrests have yet been made.

Referring again to the Salford shooting, Det Chief Supt Heywood added: “I would stress that both investigative teams are working very closely together — in fact they are based beside each other in the same building to establish if there are any links.

“A young man with his whole life ahead of him has died, a tragedy for him and his family and we must make sure those responsible are caught.

“I’m interested in speaking to anyone with information that might help, particularly anyone who saw the silver 4x4 on Wednesday night.

“Any information given to us can be treated in strict confidence.”

Chief Supt Caroline Ball, Oldham divisional commander, said: “Incidents like this are very rare and we are doing all we can to solve this.”

Anyone with any information is asked to call police on 0161-856 2039 or Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800-555 111.

Yesterday, the shocked and distraught family of Junaid paid an emotional tribute to him. Mohammed Imtiaz Khan (34), of Derby Court, Werneth, described his brother, a former South Chadderton School pupil, as a kind and caring soul.

Imtiaz, a taxi-driver, said: “I asked Junaid to come out to eat that night and he said he would call me but I never heard from him.

“At around midnight I got a call from my younger brother who told that someone had hurt Junaid.

“I raced down from Glodwick and then got a call from my father who told me to go to the doctors’ surgery car park.

“My lifeless brother was lying there.”

Imtiaz does not believe the shooting was connected to the murder of 30-year-old shop worker, Nasar Shazad, in Salford.

The Mac-10 sub-machine pistol that killed Nasar was later found underneath a car in Hinton Street, Oldham.

Thirteen people have since been arrested — eight are from Oldham.

Imtiaz added: “Junaid worked as a shop assistant for our father’s MK General Stores business in Lincoln Street, Werneth, six days a week.

“He would often give free sweets to children in the shop.”

Imtiaz said he didn’t know what the motive for the murder could have been.

He added: “I can’t believe this has happened. What made these people carry out such a cruel act?”

Junaid’s tearful father, Mumtaz Khan (60) said his son was irreplaceable.

He added: “I was so proud of him, this is a great loss for the family.”

Last night, Rev John Simmons led prayers for Junaid at Christ Church, Chadderton — next-door to the murder scene.

Meanwhile, Block Lane remains cordoned-off and isn’t expected to re-open until late next week.

Patients using the surgery were advised the practice building, along with Whitworth’s pharmacy on Manchester Road, will be closed while police carry out investigations.

While the surgery is closed, all services have transferred to Go-to-Doc, 1 Yates Street (off Shaw Road) Oldham OL1 4AP.

Patients who already have an appointment should call the practice before they attend, on 0161-620 2321.


When are we going to wake up. 18,19 or 20 year old asian lads driving round Oldham in 65k cars have not got them through working in their parents shops or being an office jnr. The people of Oldham know they are drug dealers maybe now the council and the police will wake up and do something about it.

Political correctness is great but not when people are dying.

things are not going to change , this type of behaviour is set to continue and it will only get worse as these indiviuals are only seeking to control their turf they are not interested in human life

Why is he wearing a stab vest.....Its very sad that this kind of thing is happening in Chadderton...we can expect burglaries and mindless criminal damage. I do agree with the comment these young asian men are driving around in Q7 and X5 vehicles or similar....community tensions at the moment must be tangible

If these guys have a very good education and good jobs, what sort of jobs do they have that allow them to cruise round all day and night?

It's high time that the Asian community leaders, Oldham Council and the police tackled this problem head on, as it's now out of hand. Let's have more policing in this area to stop these layabout wanna-be gangsters from ruining our community!

Why are people making comments about drugs, money and expensive cars when clearly this is a seperate issue? The fact is that a young man has been killed in a vicious attack...

My condolences are with Junaid's family & friends. I pray whoever did this are brought to justice

What's the point in involving the community leaders? As I hear they're as involved in this as any one else. Stop the untraceable money transfer shops sending money out of the UK leaving no paper trail, and that will cut down one way of disposing of cash proceeds. Nothing is going to be done PC public sector staff will see to that, thanks guys.

Mo you are correct a young man in a vicious attack has lost his life, however take a look at the bigger picture, expensive cars, out on the streets late at night and now a picture of the guy in a stab vest. What are people going to think ? don`t tell me your so naive as to think that these things don`t happen in a place like Werneth or maybe because Junaid was such a nice guy to his mates that he would never get involved in this type of thing.

i to would like to know were theyget their money from for the cars they drive around in i worked long hours until i became ill and i always had decent old cars

Now that the criminal underclass have truely arrived in Oldham what is the establishment going to do about it. How can anyone on benefits or on a low income drive around in expensive vehicles. You have to be extremely naive not believe this has all to do with drugs and crime. My biggest fear for the residents of Oldham is its going to get worse till the authorities decide to act promptly and do something about Oldham's growing underclass.

of course the knee jerk reaction to this and the other shootings in one week will be a outcry to ban all firearms. ignore the fact that his lad was killed by an ILLEGAL weapon and blanket ban gun ownership which will solve nothing will it. But i do agree with some comments on here, there is a huge drug problem on the streets and no one wants to say it.

It's not a stab jacket it's a bulletproof vest you might ask why someone would own one and also why they would be photographed wearing it. I think that tells a story, you live a life by the sword you die by the sword. There's no doubt in my mind that Junaid was involved in the drugs trade that was a risk he chose to take, he paid the price, I have no sympathy for him rather for the victims he sold them to.

My point again, there is no mention of expensive cars, money or drugs in this article nor was it ever mentioned in the facts given by police... the only car mentioned is the Mitsubishi 4X4 which was found burnt out so I don't know why people are talking about Junaid's murder, drugs and expensive cars in the same discussion!

Remember 3 years ago when the Werneth mafia had a website posing with guns, it was in the papers at the time ? how sad that it has come home to roost, wake up Werneth boyz and stop this bad boy attitude before another young life is taken from its loved ones.

just for your information, junaid used to drive an old FIAT CINQUECENTO. worth around £300. i have known the family for 30 years and i for one can say junaid was a decent lad. when you are at that age, everybody does silly little things, but to say junaid would go to the extreme is out of order .

just because hes got a padded vest on doesnt mean he is a gangster, just look at the innocence in his face

Perfect time to bring in "stop and search" especially on the aforementioned luxury cars driven by wannabe gangsters. The Asian community cannot argue that the stop and search is "rascist" as this is to protect the ones they stop as well as the localcommunity, Lets see how long it takes for the goody goody lobbiest to cry foul if Police do stop and searc!!!!!!

Wow Danny C (see last nights issue) says "just coz you live in the hood and have money does not make you a drug dealer" He goes on to claim that the young lads in the "hood" have degrees, don't make me laugh they probably have 1 GCSE between the lot of them. Sound more like LA or New York than Werneth, If it wasn't such a serious subject (young lad dead) I would be laughing at such language.

Nobody cares so they get on with their drug dealing and gang fights while the council spend £ 220,000 on tubs of flowers for the town centre and pretty pictures to put up on the derelict Town Hall "so people will come to Oldham when they see what a nice place it is".
Fools the lot of them !

Drug dealer or not (and you do have to wonder why he's wearing a stab/bullet proof vest, if not), he don't half look a prat dressed like that.

If the pot heads and druggies of Oldham (majority white) didn't do drugs there wouldn't be dealers. Simple really. While there is demand you'll NEVER stop the supply. One guy is dead and all I see is slurs and insults based on... well basically prejudice it seems, certainly not facts. What a racist town I live in if the comments here are representative.

There is a widespread viewpoint that certain communities are immune to the law and it is a view that circumstantial evidence backs up. These thing MUST be dealt with regardless of which groups carries them out. Oldham college hushes up all the gun incidents to protect its "reputation". This is WRONG. That just emboldens people. It needs to be reported and DEALT WITH.

I really think it's sad and sick dat ppl are making such comments about Juniad. Regradeless off what ur opinions are keep them to yourself and let his family and friends grieve in peace. if that was a son, friend or brother then u won't post such sick comments so once again KEEP UR SICK COMMENTS 2 YOURSELVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please people if you did not know or meet JUNAID R.I.P in person, please do not assume he was a drug dealer or any other negative statements, and keep your assumptions out of public view in order 2 keep peace amongst his mourners. He was a hard working citezen who worked in his fathers shop 6-days a week, i know because i was a reguler customer.

If the police want to stop this happening the only way would for them to search every single house on glodwick with sniffer drugs i am a pakistani from glodwick and i am sick of this on my doorstep.There are about 20 people on glodwick who sell and rent out guns and they will never be caught

'FLAKE' could you please express your opinions elsewhere as i am sure u must have some form sympathy within your self and have respact foR the family of JUNAID R.I.P, by not stereotyping him,thank you. Could i also express the point, that it is very rude 2 use the term "THEY" referring 2 the asian minority, as i believe that Oldham is a multi-cultural society and there is no invisible borders between the multi-cultural populatin in oldham, thank you.


what innocence face !!then why was he wearing body armour ?? prehaps he had something to hide and prehaps members of the community are only trying to look after themselves and hiding behind the real truth

Believe me be you asian,black or white gangs are a problem for all of us regardless of who we are. Coming from the midlands and away from the obvious community tensions between whites and asians in oldham one can only conclude you are all as bad as each other.
Asians can only see bad in whites and vice versa. How sad. How northen.

you people are complete idiots flake, you think you know him but you dont he didnt drive a expensive car he drove a fiat cinquente actually and was saving his money up so he can get a better car. he was a good lad, he would look after the young people in the community and tell them to get off the streets and start putting there heads down into there education. he was the heart and soul of werneth and is going to be missed r.i.p

The car parks of doctor's surgeries would seem to be the dealing places of choice for the scum. Many people in Oldham will know of at least one such site nearby where drug dealing on a grand scale takes place. Weapons are often brandished openly & young kids, without visible means of support, cruise the streets in £100K motors. Are GMP interested? Take a guess folks.

i've known brother Junaid and his family 4 over 30 yrs aswell

i've known brother Junaid and his family 4 over 30 yrs aswell and i know as a fact that this murder wasnt linked with drugs. this innocent guy drove a fiat ciquacento and worked in his dads shop 6 days a week. after that he wud be at hme with his family... may Allah grant this guy paradise inshallah

My Condolences to the family!

Now to another point: Why is it, that a young man has to die, before ANYONE actually stand ups and starts to do somthing about the mayhem that is decending on us? We have a problem and it is time the law abiding people put there differences aside and stand together!

I cant believe some one actually got shot in Oldham, im from London, i visit oldham a lot, all i can say oldham is a messed up place with dumb asians thinking they are gangsters, more like drug dealers who have no jobs apart from selling drugs. we have stop and search down london, i think that they should introduce it to the whole nation,

It's easy to say that because he is from werneth he must be doing drugs. I agree with the comments made,about flash cars & drugs that the police need to put a stop to before somebody gets killed again but Junaid was killed because he stood up to the drug dealers and that's why he was murdered in cold blood & he wasn't a drug dealer,I can assure you that

message is for karden
okay just to let you know that in our muslim comunities we see treat our people as muslim brothers and sisters and muslim mothers and fathers etc. when it comes to money matters, we actaully all get together and lend money out without charging interest. unlike YOU LOT we dont run to the banks and get big loans out and pay interest all our lives. WE DON'T WORK MON TO to friday and then go pub and waste all our hard earned cash on booze.

Although my sympathy is with his family, you have got to ask, if he was such 'decent' lad.. what was he doing on a car park at such a time? Areas need to be given back to the community and not ruled by groups commiting crimes. May I also acknowledge that it is not all members of the Asian community that are part of such behaviour nor of other cultural backgrounds. The minority need to be stopped by the majority.

This article has nothing to do with drugs, expensive cars or money. This article is about a young man who was viciously robbed of his life. I am utterly disgusted to see people staining his memory like this. What gives you the right to accuse Junaid of being anything less than an honest, hard working young man. Is it because he lived in Werneth? Is it because he is asian? Or maybe it's because he is an asian, who happened to be gunned down in Werneth, and so probably deserved it.
Whatever the

reason may be, I find it disturbing to know that people are so prejudiced and racist in my own town. We have obviously not made much progress since 2001.
I accept that Oldham is rife with drug dealers and TAKERS, but people must realise that these problems aren't exclusive to just the "underclass" or Werneth and Glodwick. It is so typical of ignorant people to automatically link the murder of a young asian man with drugs and money.
There are so many pictures of Junaid in circulation, but

it's funny how one which in no way reflects his personality was chosen. Junaid was very young when this was taken and it is no doubt the actions of a child trying to appear "cool". It should NOT be used as justification to accuse him of being a drug dealer who owned a 100k car. Unfortunately, more of Oldham's youth are growing up with a "gangster" mentality due to what they see around them and the glamourization of drugs and violence in the media. We have serious issues in our community

and we can do without comments like, "they probably have one GCSE between them." I would love to know what you hold a Masters in, Johnnye98.
It's time for us to come together and deal with these problems. However, bear in mind that the presence of these problems doesn't give anyone the right to accuse Junaid of anything.
Until you are presented with evidence of a person's wrongdoings, do not judge any human being.
I pray that Junaid is in peace & his killers r brought to justice inshala x

whilst my condolences go to friends and family of the deceased what can we do to stop all of this violence and crime in our town? Are we all to start living in fear as this type of crime continues to escalate whilst the authorities continue to fire-fight rather than to stop the problems at source with more up-to-date tactics like "stop and search"?

Abdulla, i see a lot of comments on here from the asain community saying some of the comments are out of order and are sterotypical of white. Then you come out with a comment about "us lot" working mon to fri and then blowing our money on drink. Just like some people on here are wrongly stereotyping your community, you are doing the same with us, i certainly wouldnt do that with my hard earned wages.

Why must all such things end with "us" and "you"???
We need to unite in these matters.

Your correct, that is why i highlighted the "us lot" to show how Abdulla has split the communities along with others who have commented on here. I work in the same building as the Oldham Muslim Centre and i see the hard work they do to involve other religions and beliefs in their projects. I do my best to understand their views and i expect the same in return, however i think im correct in thinking that not all people feel the same way as me. There will ALWAYS be an "us and them" though.

It is such a shame that a young lad has had to lose his life in such circumstances, and you do have to feel for the loss his family must be experiencing.

I have read the comments on this board, and I see no link between the actual article, and driving a £100k car and being a drug dealer.

I didn't know the lad, but it would appear that there are some on here who do, and are quoting things such as "I know for a fact...................", well,

if you do know for a fact why he was killed, I assume you have given such information to the local Police, because if you did know the lad, and you wanted to help, the information which you may hold may help the Police find the person who was responsible, and get a scumbag with a gun off the streets of Oldham!


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