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Club facing ruin

Date online: 27 October 2009

Vandals go on wrecking spree after sex offences allegations

VANDALS went on a £10,000 wrecking spree at Oldham Boro FC, putting the future of the club in serious doubt.

They smashed fruit machines, slashed furniture and ripped beer pumps off the bar at the club, in Whitebank Road, Limeside.

They also stole £2,000 from the safe and money from two tills which were forced open.

Offensive graffiti was daubed on mirrors, walls and sofas referring to former chairman Ken Hughes who was charged with sexual offences against children earlier this month.

The 65-year-old has been remanded in custody until his next court appearance at Manchester’s Minshull Street Crown Court, on December 22.

Owners changed the club’s name from Oldham Town FC in the hope of putting the controversy behind them and make a fresh start.

But employees have had abuse shouted at them on the street and the club has suffered numerous attempted break ins this month.

The club, who play in the Vodkat North West Counties first division, does not have insurance and owners now face the arduous task of clearing up the damage and trying to replace things that were stolen in Sunday’s attack.

A club spokesman said: “We simply can’t afford to replace everything. We have no money and this could well be the end of the club which would be really sad as it’s a great community facility.

“People need to realise that the things that happened with Ken have nothing to do with us. We are trying to pick up the pieces and move forward and people aren’t letting us. There are other things going on at the club such as brass band practise and dancing as well as snooker and pool teams so it would be such a shame if we had to close.”

Employees believe those responsible are known to the club as they ripped the alarm off the wall and turned a CCTV cameraa round before bending a security bar on the back door to gain access.

The spokesman said: “I don’t think this was a direct attack because of what’s happened with Ken. I think they just used that as an excuse to rob us.”


A big well done to the mindless idiots who did this.

Clubs like Oldham Boro and Chadderton should be applauded for trying to put something back into the community, and getting kids off the streets and doing something worthwhile. Instead this is the treatment they receive.

Is it a coincidence that it's half term?

As predicted. The Chron should feel as responsible for this as the idiots that did it.
After all it was them who made a point of repeatedly naming & shaming this man before any trial & a big deal about his links to the Football club.

you stupid fools,its got nothing to do with the club,crawl back under your stones

I totaly agree with Brado, the fault lies with the Oldham Chronicle for publishing the mans name and picture, they should be made to pay for the damage caused to the club, innocent till proven guilty, also he no longer has anything to do with the club, and hopefully the lowlife scum that caused the damage should be caught and jailed.

Thugs and criminals have robbed the community of a wonderful resource. I dont think it is the chronicle,s fault. That seems to be just an excuse. Someone knows who did it and they should turn them in

Hopefully the scum responsible will be caught and brought to rights. The club are trying to move on and continue to serve the local community, hopefully a bit of good fortune will come their way soon. As an AFC Liverpool fan I hope that we can do our bit next week by our support attending the game and spending money to do our little bit for the club. I sincerley hope the community rally behind the club and they get the backing they deserve. Good luck Oldham Boro.

Its now up to the community of Limeside to pull together if they want this club to survive. To name and shame these mindless thugs who dont deserve a place in society. Also the paper is at fault for associating Ken Hughes to the club, the chron has done the damage and should now rectify the problem


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