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No defence for love

Date online: 04 May 2010

Law graduates to tie the knot

There will be plenty of in laws at the register office when Shefali Jalil and Naeem Lalmohamed marry on Saturday — including the two law graduates and their favourite Oldham law tutor.

The happy couple met on their law course at University Campus Oldham, stayed on together for post graduate studies to become solicitors at Huddersfield University and have now invited law tutor Gerald Swaby to their civil wedding ceremony.

Shefali, who works in Manchester, and Naeem were the first students into the law class seven years ago when they began their degrees at UCO, and struck up an immediate friendship.

Shefali, from Coppice, a former Radclyffe School pupil, was 22 and had returned to studies after her first marriage broke up, leaving her with a son, now 12. Naeem, from Dukinfield, who works in Royton, was 18.

Shefali explained: “Your first day is quite daunting and whoever you see first, you start up a conversation. Our teacher introduced us and we became really good friends, best friends.

“There was always a bit of a spark, but our studies were more in our heads at that time, and we didn’t really start a relationship at that point.

“We graduated in 2007 and both did post graduate studies at Huddersfield, training as solicitors.

“That’s when Naeem proposed, and I said ‘yes’ pretty much straight away, but we decided to finish our post graduate year before telling our parents. I think both mothers knew.”

Shefali is Bangladeshi and Naeem is an east African Asian, and after being introduced to each other’s families, both their dads gave their blessing to the marriage.

Saturday’s ceremony will be at Dukinfield Town Hall, followed by a party afterwards at Oldham’s Taj Palace restaurant in King Street. Naeem added: “Mr Swaby is very dedicated and always makes time for you. We want him there on our special day.”

Mr Swaby, senior lecturer in law, said: “Being invited to their wedding is a first, and it is a wonderful honour.”


Nice to see a love marriage and proof that arranged marriages with relatives abroad should be a thing of the past.
I hope you're both very happy together!

I wish you all the best for the future and hope you have a fabulous day. What a lovely story.

thank you so much, i definately want to give youths the green light that not all love stories are impossible, a little faith and will is all you need. :)

With so called "love" marriages having a higher failure rate than "arranged" marriages, Flakes statement is not quite right, but I understgand why it was made!
Just to keep you happy flake, arranged marriages are not the norm anymore, you would know that if you had done some research


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