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Lorry crash chaos

Date published: 08 October 2010

THIS was the dramatic scene after an HGV ploughed through a wall in Shaw.

The lorry careered down an embankment at Jubilee Bend at 6.10am today and on to the former railway line which is being converted to Metrolink. The driver was arrested and remains in police custody for questioning. Motorists faced rush-hour chaos and Milnrow Road was expected to be closed for most of the day.


Not the first accident involving HGV's at this bridge between Shaw and the M62. Hope the driver's ok. Does anybody still think that JD Williams plans to increase their presence in Shaw town centre ( and the associated traffic ) is still a good idea ? Let's not forget there's a purpose built business park, with motorway access, close by at Kingswway Rochdale. Will common sense prevail ? Hmmm.

Finally a Shaw bound lorry where it should have been.

Shame there's no railway line there to carry it load to the warehouses.

And there never will be thanks to Metrolink.

Hope the highways department aren't blamed for a defective road surface I am sure the usual Oldham moaners will

The Jubilee bend is a notorious stretch of road which was never designed to take todays HGV's. Quite simply, the bend requires a total redesign to cater for the large number of HGV's that now operate from Shaw town centre. Around 2 weeks ago, the council had new cheveron signs erected as part of the milnrow road safety project. These now stand proud thus narrowing the footpath further and , worryingly, the bend has been without street lighting ever since! Whats going on!!!

I completely agree its a lousy stretch of road - as in you need to slow to the appropriate speed. Once at it there are no problems. Given the driver was arrested is it fair to ask what speed he was attempting to negotiate the bends? Let's just be grateful no other drivers or pedestrains were hurt or killed in this incident

In my opinion, if the council accepts planning permission for companies that operate hundreds of HGVs from a small town centre, they should also ensure the local roads are suitable to take the traffic. Erecting cheverons and slow down signs is not enough. As chubby says, a purpose built industrial park sits near by virtually empty with direct motorway access, trouble is, its not in Oldham!

How about bringing the road down to the level of the new tram line thus enabling it to be straightened and installing traffic lights? This would be cheaper than building a new bridge?


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