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45 new jobs as pub opens doors

Reporter: HELEN KORN
Date online: 09 December 2011

JD WETHERSPOON’S new pub in Shaw opens its doors on Tuesday, creating 45 jobs in the process..

The national chain spent £1 million redeveloping the outlet, on the site of the Four Lane End shopping centre in Milnrow Road, which was destroyed by fire in December 2009.

The new pub will be called The Shay Wake. When Shaw was a booming mill town, the Wakes holidays traditionally started on the first Saturday after August 13.

In the words of the dialect song Shaw Wake, it was a chance to “lay aside aside yur wheel un loom’ and head where ’thur’s flying boxus, boats, and shows, un fruit, un pies, un tay cakes . . . in fact, ’thur’s everythin ut Shay Wake.”

The new pub will specialise in real ales, serving a wide range of beers, including some from local brewers. It will open from 8am-midnight Sunday-Thursday, and 8am-1am Friday and Saturday. Food will be served until 10pm. The pub will be wheelchair accessible and have a specially-adapted toilet.

The pub also boasts a sculpture made from salvaged parts from defunct cotton mills, by Mossley artist Richard Dawson.

The main entrance ceiling feature lists cotton mills from the area and the design inspiration for the pub is taken from cotton mill machinery and equipment.

Photos, local history artwork and information boards relating to the history and characters of the area, will also be displayed.


well what a cracking use of what was effectively a derelict eyesore.
what did all the nimbys and moaners have to complain about. its a business investing money and providing jobs in such gloomy economic times.

well done wetherspoons!

Eeeee a remember guin i' theer when it wer co op wi my granny!

Well i think this will close at least three pubs in shaw. I dont know what he council was thinking when they agreed to this madness.

It will be good to have a modern up to-date Pub in Shaw as, with one or two exceptions, the existing establishments are well past their sell by date. Well done Wetherspoons on brightening up Shaw centre.

I hope the business does provide a safe haven for the people in Shaw and surrounding areas and does not go 'downhill' as some Wetherspoon pubs have done. If the management can ensure a decent clientele then it will be a good asset to the town. Cheers! By the way, how many of the jobs are full-time?

I will bet that the three nearest pubs see their business increase, what will decrease is the price of beer charged by the greedy Breweries. Good luck to Weatherspoons. As for fedupoldhamer the nimbys wanted to ensure that the planning application was appropriate, and after consultation, it was.

3 years ago each wetherspoons had a 28000gbpmin target local pubs earned 4to5000gbp per week thereby requiring 6to7 local pubs to close 3 years on austere measures being employed at present could possibly spell doom for several more than normal tim martin owner of wetherspoons normally will never get involved in a 1milliongbp failure


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