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New school will be extra special

Reporter: HELEN KORN
Date online: 26 April 2012

ALMOST £1.5 million is to be spent creating a new special needs secondary school in Failsworth.

The venture will be an extension of the existing Kingsland School in Dean Street — a pupil referral unit, which caters for some of the borough’s most vulnerable children.

Places for 60 children with special educational needs will be available at the new school. The work includes two new classrooms, the removal of narrow corridors, a new front entrance and security works.

There will also be re-equipped food technology, science and craft design classrooms.

Tenders will go out next month with building work starting over the summer holidays, to minimise disruption.

It had originally been planned to build a new £4.5 million special school on the vacated South Chadderton Secondary School site but the scheme was cancelled.

Other buildings including Fitton Hill Junior School were considered but unsuitable.

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No critical comments! Can the moaners not find any negative slant on this?
Come on, where are you all?

Dave - Obviously the Council Basher's cant find fault on an outstanding idea making Oldham again a centre of excellence. They also fail to see the positive future of Metrolink plus the excellent value for money they get from Council Officers.

Dave and Troy, I can't believe this, sensible voices making themselves heard! It's about time that those people who pretend to care about Oldham began to give it their support instead of constantly moaning. Well done!


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