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Metrolink: ready to roll

Reporter: HELEN KORN
Date online: 08 June 2012

The first Metrolink tram will leave Victoria for Mumps at 5.24am on Wednesday

The first tram to Mumps will call at all eight stops along the new line: Monsall, Central Park, Newton Heath & Moston, Failsworth, Hollinwood, South Chadderton, Freehold and Mumps. It will then become the first passenger-carrying tram to depart Mumps, leaving at 6am. Journeys from Mumps to Manchester city centre will take around 25 minutes and run every 12 minutes, increasing later to six minutes as passengers build.

Councillor Andrew Fender, chairman of the Transport for Greater Manchester Committee, said: “This is an historic day for Oldham and the Metrolink network.

“It also marks the latest stage of a massive expansion of the Metrolink network that will bring our trams to even more new destinations and open up even more opportunities for businesses and communities.”

Oldham council leader Jim McMahon said: “To have Metrolink up and running will be a hugely significant and exciting day in the history of our borough.

“We must make sure we keep to the agreed timetable for the town centre route as it is central to our future prospects. This is the biggest infrastructure project ever undertaken here. Metrolink is essential to our plans to get people to see Oldham differently.”

Tickets to any of the stops in Manchester city centre, up to and including Deansgate-Castlefield, start at £3.20 for a peak “anytime” single from the Oldham Mumps-Hollinwood stops, or £2.30 from the Failsworth-Monsall stops. An “anytime” return ticket for the same trip will be £4.80 from the Oldham Mumps-Hollinwood stops, and £3.40 from the Failsworth-Monsall stops. Off-peak (9.30am onwards) equivalents will be £3.50 and £2.80. Further savings can be made with special day, weekend, family and group passes and longer-term tickets.

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its all well and good opening up the tram line. but where is the parking promised for people to get out of their cars and onto the trams.

and the still unanswered question of "will this be free parking?" which neither ombc nor tfgm will actually answer.

And how is this any different from the trains that have been replaced at a cost of millions in both direct and indirect costs? Answers on a postcard to.........

Brilliant. Really looking forward to having a go on this. How do I get there?

What a total waste of millions of pounds just for all this infrastructure between Werneth and Mumps to be ripped up and demolished in around 18 months time.
Will be interesting to see how the trams cope in winter with the long steep climb up from Featherstall Road to King Street.
At 213m above sea level there is nowhere else on the system that will suffer such adverse weather conditions in winter.

They could use the tunnel to Mumps but oops that will have all gone by then.

What a farce!!

This will be a great way to see a ghost town which was Oldham, how many shops have closed down due to the development of the Metro link? I'm so glad I can shop online for most things these days!

Congratulations, although we've had lots of delays and disruption, it's nice to reach a landmark moment. Hope this provides a morale boost to push on to complete the next phase.

As metrolink is suffering a tram failure & delays during tonights peak time services, whats the betting Wednesdays Mumps service will be disrupted? Will anyone be checking the 6 & 12 minute gaps?

the tickets are at bit on the pricey side but then again I didn't expect anything else than that. I'm sure someone will tell me that it's cheaper than the bus. then I will say the train was a LOT cheaper and with none of the hassles. this has been built up as the saviour to the town by the powers that be. well I live in the real world. and I think there is a few deluded highly paid people out there.

cant wait to see the queues to get OUT of Oldham. no one in their right minds would come here, seems the only reason is to get a kebab or some southern fried chicken. The spindles is a total disgrace, most of the shops closed. What they should have done insted of wasting money on this is concentrate on helping business in the spindles & town centre by dropping rent & rates and stop all these horrendous takeaways from opening.
So there you go folks you can actually get out of oldham from around 6

The bookies could really do a brisk trade with how long will it take before the first break down, and how long will the line be closed for!
Or maybe with condutorless trams, and no staff on stations, how long it will be before a scroat infested town produces its first crime on the Oldham leg.
OK you might say it's negative, but speaking as one who has used Metrolink, you will now all get the opportunity to find out for yourselves.

This temporary line must at all costs (already spent) be made permanant and should be a fast express link from Mumps (not Rochdale)to Manchester city centre and through to the airport with Mumps being turned into an enterprise zone as it will have the best connections of any site in the borough that should be taken advantage of. It is just waiting for the vision for a £billion regeneration plan anything less would be selling short

After millions of pounds of tax payers money has been spent on replacing a perfectly good railway,where do i park my car to use it ????
I think i will stick to useing Greenfield station where not only can i travel to Manchester but also to Huddersfield,Leeds and beyond.

Trams the facts: For the cost of one tram you could buy 18 new buses. New trams break down on average every 5000 miles. Trams are twice as likely to break down in freezing conditions. Fares are 35% more on trams than buses. Just sounds like all the problems train commuters had to me. The council will never act on public opinion and so will back the metrolink. Oldham is going to become a ghost town and the council either can't see it or want it to happen.

As expected, the moaners are out in force. The purposes of the tram are to modernise the traffic system; to bring Oldham into the twenty-first century; to connect us to the rest of the conurbation; to reduce air pollution and to get traffic off the road. It is mainly intended to provide a service to residents who can walk to the stops. Hollinwood, being immediately on a motorway junction, has a park and ride facility.
With home-grown critics like these, Oldham has no need for enemies.

And what of those with a Firstweek and Firstmonth bus ticket (£18 and £58 respectively). Unable to afford the additional expense of an extra £3 or £4, we’re resigned to enjoying this delightful addition to Oldham’s public transport network from the sidelines.

Great news about Metrolink opening at last. Maybe now the whingers of Oldham might get behind the tram and stop selling the town short.

Excellent - can all the moaners please meet on Wednesday morning so we can drive the tram over you :-)

Stevewebster - you are mistaken. The train service, as with the buses, did occasionally have problems. The train service had nowhere near as many problems as Metrolink has & will have.
The other vital point is when it snows the train service continued to run. Sometimes it was disrupted, but still running. The buses stop running far earlier & the train was sometime the only way to get back to Oldham in the snow (via public transport). Metrolink stops as quick if not quicker than the buses in snow

New Metrolink users will soon learn why some of the current users refer to it as “the abandonator”.
Is the service between Mumps tram stop and Manchester Victoria only or will the trams enter the city centre? If not there isn’t even the benefit of being able to travel any further.
If you want the city centre you will have to change trams at Victoria and try to get on an already full commuter tram from Bury. If this is the case what is the difference between the previous train & Metrolink?

Journey time by train from Shaw by train to Manchester was around 25 minutes. Mumps - Manchester was about 20. Via Oldham Town Centre will be?

Off Peak fares returns to Manchester were - Dean Lane £1:50. Failsworth £1.60. Hollinwood £1.90. Werneth £2.60. Mumps Derker & Shaw £3.00. New Hey, Milnrow & Rochdale £3.30.

And there was somewhere to park at the old Mumps & arguably easier to get to.

The trains were quicker & cheaper. The benefit od Metrolink is?

There's no pleasing some people is there?! I was genuinely pleasantly surprised to read the tram was actually going to run. Yes, I still think it will help people out of Oldham than get them in but some of the above posters should stop whining just for the sake of it.

Oh will everyone shut up moaning about this.If you dont like it/agree with it.....then dont use it! More important things in life than trying to slag off new developments just to get off on it.

anyone coming into mumps on the tram from outside Oldham will take 1 look at the run down/closed shops/pubs and the grotty state the area is in and will get next tram bk to where they came from and like a lot of comments its going to take people away from Oldham because theres better facilities in Ashton/Manchester/Bury and thats just name a few

Right Oldham Council!!!! Now we have a Shiny new tram. NOW it's up to the town planners of Oldham who decided we needed this tram to prove that it is a worthy investment. Come on Oldham Council, pull your fingers out and get Mumps landscaped, Yorkshire St and Union St shops occupied and the area appearence sorted.

You have until 5:24 on Wednesday!!!!!!!! Give or take how long it takes to get from Victoria, if it does get up the hill.......

looking forward to this what's the last one home to my beloved oldham?
will they run later than the buses?

Nothing changes if nothing changes.I would suspect that no matter what changes came to Oldham there would be those who would find cause for complaint.
The City of Toronto has been running trams for many years even in the heaviest of snow storms and prolonged freezing temperatures.Why is then that given the temperate climate of oldham there should be any difficulty.
Face it OWDUMERS the 21st Century has FINALLY arrived.
Clogs disappeared long ago

manpolb - The City of Toronto probably bought trams suitable for the winter weather.

So far Metrolink has proven to be suseptable to winter weather. They have touble in Macnester where there tends to be far less snow than Oldham.

The tram has cost far too much. Taken too long & will not do what OMBC says i will do.

The money should have been spent on improved rail services as part of the northern hub & revamp of the shopping centre & market. The latter would bring more people in, not a tram.

The usual ombc supporters are also out in their minority bigging up this white elephant. and slating the moaners who all knew it would damage the town .
Look at how much destruction its caused.
And just wait for the next big suprise in store.
This wasteful scheme has to be paid for. Especially the town centre section. Guess how they'll do that? Council tax rises. You too will pay the price!
It's all in the pipeline.
Even those few supporters will wish we stuck with the train service soon.

To all you moaners. Train every half hour, every hour on Sundays. Nearest station to us Werneth, at least twenty five minutes walk away. Now a tram every 12 minutes and nearest stop freehold. No more than five minutes walk away. There are other places than Mumps. And you Shaw moaners had a train every fifteen minutes but every other one did not stop after Mumps. No use to us. Bring on the Tram !

Sorry Alan but your facts are only right for the Werneth station. There were trains every 15 minutes from Mumps each carriage had more seats than a tram, and at peak times there were 4 carriages - as much as 8 trams. Journey time was 15 minutes on the express, twice as fast as the tram, and it cost nearly half what is being charged on the metrolink.
Breakdowns were rare but quickly sorted, unlike the metrolink which can be down for hours.

I've noticed that quite a few of your correspondents consider the tram to represent all that is modern.
But the Oldham Borough Tramway Order of 1878 allowed trams to start operating in 1880, i.e. 132 years ago.
So they're not really all that modern,
and if they were any good, why were they got rid of?

on saturday i went to manchester from greenfield on the 18.51 and returned on the 23.00 train,total cost £1.95 rtn. beat that tram !

Alan what do you expect the people of Shaw to do? Our journey time to Manchester increased by apporx. 10 minutes & that before we get diverted through Oldham Town Centre.

You could catch the express train service to Manchester & be there in under 20 min, the tram will be 35min? That made it not worth driving even off peak. Off peak I will now be able to drive to Manchester quicker than the tram. Isn't Metrolink supposed to be getting us out of our cars?

People are making the mistake of thinking that, because Metrolink is new it is better. This is not true.

Metrolink is slower, more expensive & less reliable than the previous train service.

The train service could have been upgraded fast & at less cost than Metrolink. The train could have started earlier & finished later as well as run more frequently.

When Oldham need rail freight again we are stuck with a useless tram track. The whole thing is scandalous.

You ask why people are moaning. The question is why aren't you? The amount of money wasted on this project, & we will all be paying for it for years to come. Our kids will probably still be paying for it.

Are you not angry as Oldhamers with all the hassle in the Town Centre? Are you not annoyed that traders are struggling & closing?

Do you believe the myth it will convert Oldham in Bury? For this alone I'm very angry. Bury is succesfull because of its market, not its tram link.

fedupoldhamer,you're spot on!.....We will be paying for this White elephant for years to come, and as well as killing off whats left of the town I bet it will be breaking down all the time and be unreliable.
The train system should have stayed - with goods trains made so as to get rid of all the ever increasing numbers of heavy lorrys travelling on roads which cannot cope with them.Now OMBC ....that is progress!....there's no way back now though as you've ripped all the heavy track up.Disgrace!

and how much cheaper would it have been to just upgrade the railway to have a few additional stations along its route?

considering that it did have more years ago that where removed like miles platting.

it would have been far cheaper that this current scheme.

a similar thing can be said about greenfield station. it should now be included in the express service. seeing as oldham is the only borough that this train passes through and doesnt stop in.

oh and a new station at diggle too!

What a horrible town of horrible people you have become. I suspect the gene pool has become a little shallow over the years.

You honestly deserve a dieing town some of you.

Metro's new Trams run on CO2-free Green electricity -
a benchmark for Oldham Council to match, in running its schools & the Civic Centre likewise ?
Some progress since Oldham's 1st electric tram in 1900,
which replaced the 1880 horse-drawn tram.
Welcome back to the trams , after their 66 year absence.

I honestly cant believe after all the huge expense they have a installed a length of single running track at Newton Heath on what will be a busy section of the line.

You will only need a breakdown on this section for the Oldham line to come to a grinding halt in both directions.

They have spent millions on the Werneth to Mumps section, only for it to be ripped up, but have scrimped on such an important permanent section of track!

From Metrolinks website

"12/06/2012 - 12:07 Delays to Services
Metrolink services

Due to an earlier signalling fault in the Trafford area, some passengers may experience a slight delay to their journey. Metrolink apologise for any inconvenience caused."

I bet they have a lot of things crossed for tomorrow


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