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Open days mark end of era for schools

Date published: 03 July 2012

THE next two weekends mark the end of an era for two local schools.

Werneth’s former St Augustine of Canterbury school, which itself replaced the old St Anselm’s School, and Our Lady’s School in Royton, merged last September to create Newman College.

The new school has been operating from the two existing sites during this academic year, ahead of the opening of the new £30 million building on Broadway, Chadderton, in September.

To mark their closure, the two Catholic schools are hosting open days over the next two Saturdays, when current and past pupils and staff, along with any interested members of the public, are invited to look at some of the history associated with them.

On Saturday, the old St Augustine’s will be open to visitors from 11am-2pm. The former Our Lady’s will open the following Saturday, July 14.

Pupils from Newman College gathered at the new site today to bury a time capsule to mark the opening of the new building.

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I hope the time capsule includes reference to the origins of Catholic schools in Oldham -
the 1st at St MARY's in 1859 on Cardinal St
( a decade before school became compulsory in 1871)
replaced in 1914, & closed in 1983 .
Credit should go to the Sisters of Mercy
who ran the school from 1863, for over 100 years,
along with St Patricks - my mother Veronica taught at both.
I hope those Nuns left at Werneth Convent
get an Invite to the Opening of the new Catholic College !

More gridlock on Broadway and more litter :

Let us not forget the fore runner of these schools which was of course St.Mary'S Secondary Modern which was as the prior person stated was on Cardinal Street.
No doubt if one were to look through the old records of that FAMOUS OLDHAM School (if they rae still available) they would find a mine of information of famous Oldhamers that went through the school.
I also hope that any Nuns that are still at the Convent received invites.


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