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‘DIY SOS’ to the rescue!

Reporter: Anna Clarke
Date online: 06 August 2012

Triplet whammy puts squeeze on family
A COUPLE struggling to cope after the arrival of triplets has been given a helping hand by the local community.

Failsworth’s Stephen O’Mara (29) and Rebecca Webb (30) have become the stars of top BBC TV show “DIY SOS”, after struggling to make their home fit for five.

Youngsters Archie, Grace and Isabelle were born in March last year. But with hundreds of nappies sapping the family’s monthly budget, the couple were struggling at their two-bedroom Minor Street terrace.

Now teams of local tradesmen and the show’s DIY experts have completely refurbished the house and garden, which stars in an upcoming episode of the show.

Stephen said: “I’m overwhelmed at what everyone has done for us. It’s just amazing.

Their home now boasts a new kitchen, bathroom, garden and even a loft conversion.

Rebecca and Stephen — nominated for the show’s help by Stephen’s mum, Lorraine - were kept in the dark while the work was done.

Rebecca said: “I’m just gobsmacked and overwhelmed.”

Stephen said: “We never considered moving. We just didn’t have enough time, space or money. The house now — it really is a dream come true.”

A date for the show’s broadcast is yet to be set.

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