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1,500 to protest against anti-Islam film

Date published: 09 October 2012

MEMBERS of Oldham’s religious communities will unite for a demonstration against a controversial film.

Members of the The Sunni Muslim Youth (TSMY) will be joined by members of the Christian, Hindu and Sikh communities, as they demonstrate peacefully against an anti-Islam film that has caused anger and violence around the world.

Shaid Shakoor, one of the founding members of the Coppice-based TSMY, explained that he set up the group after the Oldham riots to bring young communities back together.

Now he hopes they will unite again against the film which mocks the Muslim prophet.

“We understand this is a democracy with free speech. But the film is offensive to Muslims so we want to voice our concerns, peacefully,” he said.

The demonstration will take place outside the council offices sometime in the next two weeks. Between 1,000-1,500 people of all religions and backgrounds are expected to attend.

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Who will be footing the bill to Police this Shaid Shakoor? What connection do you feel the people of Oldham and Oldham council have with this film? I think the World already realises this film is offensive to Muslims. Many millions would never have heard of it or seen it if it was not for all the attention drawn to it. Would it not have been better left that way?

why? some thick stupid americans create a film to encourage such anger.

dont rise to the bait.

a demonstration is a protest to those who are responsible for such actions.

i know i slate the council on many occasions but for once its not ombc's fault.

theres absolutely no need for such a protest like this and it will only further fuel the far right.

Maybe non Muslims should have protested at the local Oldham Mosque after Libyans desectrated British World War II graves after we helped them overthrow their dictator. Of course that would be stupid it had nothing to do with local muslims!
This is the West we have freedom of speach our society is built on this principal & by definition must include the bad with the good, thats why we had to tolerate Abu Hamza and his bitter spoutings.
Sharia law has no place in Western society, I won't bow to it

This will accomplish nothing, why on earth is a protest being held in Oldham. Those at fault are in America, go and protest there.

It's a film!!! get over it.

What will you achieve by bringing disruption to the people of Oldham. Would it not be better to follow the prophetic tradition of serving the humanity. Organise a clean-up i.e. litter pick in the area and many many people will join you. Help the elderly and needy in the area. This will do more to highlight the Prophet than demonstrating. Actions speak louder then words

Shaid Shakoor begins by saying "we understand this is a democracy with free speech" but ends by planning to set up a petition calling for the Government to ban the film. Bit of a contradiction there dont you think? If you think you will be offended by this video just dont watch it, its as simple as that but by kicking up a fuss you are giving it more publicity than it deserves.

This foolish film was created to draw attention to an unpleasant and ignorant group of bigots. I can understand why some people wish to make it known they are hurt and angered by it but it would be better to ignore it and let the group sink back into obscurity again.

What a waste of time, sheep jumping on the bandwagon. Oldham going back to the dark ages. A few hundred years evolution and they will be burning witches.

Won't this behaviour, when shown on local and national tv, also look enticing to all the potential new businesses that Oldham council seeks to attract, perhaps the new cinema can have a panel of religious leaders vetting what they can and cannot show.

Is it just me, or are there more pressing matters in the world to be protesting about. I can think of several dozen issues that merit such a sizeable protest.

The Sunni Muslim Youth has supposedly been set up to bring young communities back together? Unusual choice of name if that is their intention - a name which would alienate involvement of even some young Muslims of non-Sunni persuasion. Why not call it Coppice Youth or Oldham Community Youth? It seems that Shaid Shakoor is a troubled indiviudal with a huge chip on his shoulder who is on one big power trip.

I await with interest for a response from Mr Shakoor to anti-Christian sentiment in Pakistan or a hand grenade thrown into a packed Kenyan church by an alleged Muslim terrorist.

Funny how we only hear about bringing faith groups together when it is an attack on Muslims. I don't recall a peace walk in Oldham when a mentally handicapped Pakistani Christian girl was imprisoned.

What else do you want to stop us infidels from saying? Salman Rushdie has needed armed protection for 24 years because of Muslim intolerance. A Channel 4 documentary was pulled a few weeks ago because of death threats.
If you want censorship please live somewhere else.
Also you want respect but show so little in return. As the Dispatches programmes have shown you liken us to apes and pigs as does your holy book. Why live amongst us if you think so little of us?

Do they want to stop people who are not offended from watching it? There are many films around which may offend someone.. simple answer is dont watch them, I do not want to be told what I can and cannot watch, what next? I cant have a bacon buttie cos it might offend someone!!!

Millions around the world were offended but few of them probably even saw the film even less understood it as it was in English.Nevertheless, if the opportunity to be offended or to play the victim presents itself it must be taken

Learn to live with the odd offence. That is what freedom of speach is all about and it should be protected despite the constant demands from muslims to stop it.

Mr Shakoor needs to watch Life of Brian and get a life.

there was a (PEACEFUL) protest staged in sydney a few weeks ago about this film.this was far from peaceful,make sure the police are prepared for the peaceful violence that is sure to happen,and guess what ,it will all be blamed on the film

Posters here should recognise that in Britain we absolutely do not live in a free country, and we do not have freedom of speech. So bad has the oppression become that it's not much different from the control of Soviet Russia.
Just this week a young man has been imprisioned for saying unpleasant things on twitter, a woman jailed for an outburst on a train in London. Try using the 'P' word and you'll quickly find just how free you really are !

I have seen this film - It wasn't made in America but Egypt by Koptic Christians. Sure it's poorly made, but notice that the protests are not that Mohammed is missrepresented, but that he is represented at all!
An accurate documentary of the life of Mohammed would be met with the same protest - it's an attempt to stifle freedom on religious grounds and should be resisted.

For once I am 100% in agreement with ProDriver

I'm offended by the film Mamma Mia. Should I organise a protest outside Ikea in Ashton about all things Swedish?

I wonder how many of the 1,500 attending this protest have actually watched the film?

I'm offended by the shooting yesterday of a teenage activist in Pakistan who campaigned for the education of women.
I'm offended that it's more than ten years since Gavin Hopley was murdered and practically nobody remembers who he was.

I remember who Gavin Hopley was. The poor lad, a stranger in Oldham, strayed into the Glodwick area and was battered to death. For what? Being in a no go area? Am I right that there didn't seem to be too much resource put into finding his killers? You're right, pessimist. Let's be offended by something so important, not some nothing film.

so who foots the bill when the EDL are in town causing havoc? what do the EDL accomplish when they come to town OMBCworker?

Well done to all those who have commented, I can't add much, but I agree 100%.
Just ban this pathetic demo and deal with important issues that concern all Oldhamers. Pro Driver's comment is the best. get a life; accept the British humour(or US in the case of the film) and if you don't like freedom of speech, move to a country that is more suitable for your mentality.

@adam You need to learn that in a largely secular society where religion plays a very small part, there is no place for a religion as desiring of power & influence as Islam. Nor for any other faith.

Protesting on the streets of Oldham about a harmless film made in another country and only available here on the internet?

I hope there is a monsoon on the day.

Protest about a cruddy film that most of them havent even seen? It's a shame that the Muslim community werent so outraged when the twin towers were brought down or after the London bombings on 7/7? I'd like to see just how many Christians are present at this event. Maybe Rev Summers from the so-called multi-faith forum will be there to get an audience as his Churches are empty.

After a quick look at the tsmy.org website, i cannot help but feel they are a very secular group. Are organisations like this, really the way forward for towns like Oldham? Surely these close knit, closed door groups only help to keep communities apart?

If you didn't keep marching and protesting then this grotesque film would have been long forgotten about. And I'm sure it was actually produced by an Egyptian man not an American.


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