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4,000 jobs, 380 new homes in green land plan

Date published: 04 January 2013

A MASSIVE business park and up to 380 homes could be created on a huge swathe of green land in Chadderton.

Oldham Council and the private sector have worked on developing proposals for the 74-acre Foxdenton Employment Area that could create more than 4,000 jobs.

The 111 acres earmarked for development is roughly bounded by Foxdenton Lane, Broadway, Radclyffe Athletic Centre and Firwood Park housing estate.

It includes Foxdenton, Foxdenton Hall and Fearney Field farms and is next to Foxdenton Hall, Newman College and Radclyffe School.

The land was once earmarked for Oldham Athletic - or a prison.

The area is predominately “greenfield”: land previously undeveloped or where structures have blended into the landscape over time. Some parts of the huge plot have been used for landfill.

The council’s website says the proposals are for the “only large predominantly greenfield site available within the borough”, in part of the borough’s M60 “Arc of Opportunity”.

Residents who claim they have been “left in the dark” about the proposals are holding a meeting on Monday to discuss the plans.

The project could include:

::1 million sq ft of industrial and business floorspace, although some distribution and storage use may be allowed.

::Up to 380 homes on up to a quarter of the site, to bring in money to kickstart the development

::The reclamation of 27 acres of derelict land.

::The creation of more than 3,332 full-time-equivalent jobs and 1,073 construction jobs.

Foxdenton LLP (Limited Liability Partnership), a joint venture between Grasscroft Property and Seddon Group, has options on a substantial proportion of the site. Oldham Council owns some of the land along Broadway.

No planning application has been submitted but Foxdenton LLP is expected to hold an exhibition about the proposals next month.

Councillor Dave Hibbert, cabinet member for housing, transport and regeneration, said that any development was in the early stages.

He added: “This is privately-owned land. It was farm land for as long as I can remember.

“It was obvious something was going to happen on there. We have said all along it has got to be a high-quality development and very considerate of the potential impact on residents — if it isn’t, I will be at the forefront of any action group against it.”

The residents’ meeting is at Nimble Nook club, Foxdenton Lane on Monday (7pm).

Info: www.oldham.gov.uk; search for “Foxdenton Employment Area”.

THE land — an area bigger than Daisy Nook Country Park — is a mile from the M60 and two miles from the M62.
Concerns about its future were raised by local campaigners in 2010, when the local planning map noted it was to be designated for light industry, business, warehousing and distribution and housing.

Residents felt there has been a lack of consultation, a complaint dismissed by the planning inspectorate in approving the borough plans.

The land had previously and controversially been selected for development as the new Oldham Athletic site in 2004; in 2010 it was one of 76 potential sites for a new prison.


Part of the site boundary is the former railway line to Chadderton Goods. Once again OMBC seem completely blinkered to any form of rail transportation.

Why are they only mentioning connections to the M60? More truck for the people of Chadderton. they too can be like the people of Royton, Shaw & New Hey ith HGVs rumbling past their doors to distribution centres.

Metrolink has killed off HGVs in Shaw travelling by rail. Did it cross OMBC's mind when thinking of this development?

hmmmm. I can see the local residents being given the ultimatum of more houses and industry, otherwise you'll have a prison or Latics on your doorstep. Either way, the greenspace will be going.

It is welcome that their may be new jobs for Oldham, but this is dependant on the houses selling to generate the cash for the remainder of the development, unless OMBC funds the construction of the works units it could take years. I fear that Cllr Hibbets comments about leading the charge are just hot air he is well and truly under his leaders thumb so protesters don’t hold your breath on this issue as he was silent for the review. It’s going ahead regardless Oldham is strapped for cash

The ariel view does not show the Newman College which is huge. Will such development not make this a very very busy area in which is already next to one of the busiest roads in Oldham? You have Radclyffe School as well. I cannot see how such development would benefit this specific area. Sure the residents wont want such a large scale development on their already busy doorstep.

Also, if say 380 homes let say average 2 children per household (could be none or 4) where are 700 plus children going to go to school?? Broadway is already gridlock at any time of the day. This has disaster written all over it. Sure there is other land that could be used?

Sounds very exciting!!

Another hairbrained ridiculous scheme that will never get off the ground!......4,000 jobs?....Pie in the sky!.....We keep on hearing of grand schemes off this council but nothing ever comes of it!.....Whats betting that nothing is heard of or started in this latest one in the next 5 years!....or ever!

This council can't even run a market ptoperly never mind a scheme like this.
All they can do is make a mess of things....and kill off Oldham.!Look no further than the white Elephant Metrolink (how many jobs have been lost in Oldham due to it's disruption and shops closing?)) that will become so expensive that people will stop using it and return to the buses,and shop elsewhere.

I've an idea. Why don't we build a new stadium there?

4000 jobs or 4000 3 year contracts?

Instead of building tiny detached houslets why not build state of the art flats and then landscape the remaining green areas with gardens and sports facilities for the residents?

Great news but does the work go to local firms ? Too many times has it happened when a big contract comes up and it is tendered out to a southern company. Keep the money up north and pay northern folk to build it. We won't take the money and run because we will have to use it

Why does the area need more industrial and business floor space? There are numerous, similar buildings standing empty less than a mile away from this space on Broadgate Business Park. This will be more green space lost due to an ineffective council who are trying to win votes with empty promises of jobs.

Leave the land as it is but open it up to locals to enjoy, soon grass, trees and open spaces will be something we read about in books!

Is this a smokescreen to divert attention from the failed scheme at Fails worth which has cost taxpayers millions and generated nothing. Labour have a long history of failed developments with huge administrative costs.

What a joke. The old Chadderton BAE site was for a business park on the m60 link and its empty like the councils idea. Why not redevelop instead of always using green sites.

Have people lost sight of the fact that this land is privately owned? If the owner wants to sell it, and somebody wants to buy it, what business is it of the Council?
The Council will not have much of a say until any proposals come to the planning stage. That's when the Chadderton councillors and residents will be able to have an input.

Well there are better places to build like the old BAE site and many good points made by most of you like the trendy flats which are popping up more and more, but will OMBC really listen to the people it affects most. Personally I think it wont even be mentioned again.

Precisely Lowey, take a drive around you will see numerous empty business parks/units BAE being one of many. What about the mill that was knocked down at Park Road and surrounding land what has been built on this? Buiness park where Matalan is there is only Matalan left businesses going to the wall daily this area does not need development.

It's ludicrous to speculate that building an industrial park of tin sheds instantly translates to 4,000 new jobs and more so during a recession that will last decades.
As of July 2012 there were 770 commercial properties empty in Oldham and that will have now increased.

4000 jobs????. Now where have I heard that before???.Now I remember! Rochdale Council announced a similar or higher number when submiting plans for the Kingsway Business Park.Warehouses with modern equipement require a minimum of labour. Where do planners get these projected figures from? THIN AIR!!!


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