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We’ll miss you, Miss

Date published: 08 March 2013

A HEADTEACHER who has served the same primary school for 40 years has bid “au revoir” — at the age of 80.

Well-loved Maureen Barnett put the chalk down for the final time yesterday in front of emotional pupils, parents, staff and governors at East Crompton St James Primary School, Shaw.

Mrs Barnett felt it was “time to go” at the school she has only ever been head at since 1973.

She previously taught at Hilltop Primary School in Kirkholt, Rochdale, which was used for the filming of BBC drama “Waterloo Road” and studied French at university.

But for half her life the grandmother has found her teaching home at the St James Street-based school.

She said about her longevity: “I just love watching the children grow and it’s such a warm and lovely school.

“I just kept going on after my retirement age, but every day has been different and enjoyable.

“My wishes go out to the parents, staff and especially the children in the future.”

Lesley Lomas, chair of governors, said: “The school has just run like clockwork over the years and that’s hugely down to Mrs Barnett.

“She is so loved by the children and when she came in for her assembly, they all cheered.

“It is just an incredible achievement with her long commitment to the school at the age of 80 and for so long at one single school.”

Adam Laskey, head teacher at St Thomas’ Primary School, Moorside, is acting as interim head teacher at the school.


Well Mrs Barnett, it is certainly a good time to go. And may I be one of the first to wish you a happy and long retirement from a school which I know you are leaving with "mixed feelings". East Crompton will never forget the time and devotion you have put in to it. I am sure I speak for many who have passed through its doors when I say "Thank you for your time and patience". God bless you and Donald. DW

Mrs Barnett has been an inspiration to me and so many other people. I loved going to East Crompton St James' and have so many fantastic memories mainly down to Mrs Barnett and the caring and loving staff at the school.
I also think Mr Stansfield who retired along with Mrs Barnett deserves tremendous credit for his dedication to the school and the children.
Wishing you both a long and happy retirement.
I can ensure you, no one from St James' will ever forget you both!


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