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Dart-sight inventors arrow in on success

Reporter: Martyn Torr
Date online: 28 February 2014

AN Oldham company is set to revolutionise darts practice with the launch of a new training aid.

DartSight Ltd of Boundary Park, Oldham - owned by brothers David and Stuart Needham - has developed a small plastic device that fits on the player’s finger and is lined up with the target on the dartboard.

The DartSight Sighter can fit any hand and anchors the player’s aiming position while lining up the launch and follow-through of the dart. A player’s muscle memory eventually does the rest when the sighter is removed for a game.

The device can be bought online at www.dartsight.com and at Treble Darts in Yorkshire Street, Oldham.

The inventors hoped to sell 1,000 in their first year of trading but took orders for that many on day one!

Stuart said: “Sports scientists often talk about training people to develop what is called ‘muscle memory’ — doing the same thing on a regular basis. Using DartSight in practise follows exactly that principle and helps players to remember to put their hand in the same starting place every time and to concentrate on their target.”


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