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Jose - now's time to up our game

Date published: 11 January 2017

JOSE Mourinho called for Manchester United fans to up their game for Sunday's Premier League home clash with Liverpool following the 2-0 EFL Cup semi-final first-leg win over Hull at Old Trafford last night.

United boss Mourinho also stressed the need for improvement from himself and his players as he urged supporters not to "come to the theatre" on Sunday but "come to play with us".


After second-half goals from Juan Mata and substitute Marouane Fellaini steered his side to victory against the Tigers, Mourinho expressed his concerns, saying: "Maybe I didn't do my job well to prepare the players for the game.

"But the players have to improve and I have to improve, and I am sorry to say I think the fans have also to improve for a big match on Sunday.

"Our performances (for the Hull match) were enough to win but for Sunday, we all have to improve."

He added: "I always think that we are responsible for the fans' participation in the game. If we play very, very well, very enthusiastic, they come to the pitch and play with us. When we didn't play so well, with so much emotion and intensity, it is normal that they relax a little bit.

"Sunday is a special match for us, a special match for the Manchester United fans - so my invitation is don't come to the theatre, come to play, play with us."

Despite what he called an "important'' result having been achieved, Mourinho said his team "played slow" and "complicated things" - although he did admit that in terms of this having been a ninth straight Reds win in all competitions, he "cannot ask more" of his players.

He praised Fellaini, who has been jeered by some United fans but heard his name being chanted around Old Trafford after his late goal, which the midfielder celebrated by hugging his manager.


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