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Reds go to extra time

Date published: 02 September 2014

MANCHESTER United had to work late into the night to finalise the season-long loan signing of Monaco striker Radamel Falcao.

United had to have an extension past the 11pm deadline to ensure the details were filed with the Premier League. Falcao's signing - which has an option to be permanent - was eventually confirmed at 1.30am, taking United’s summer spending past £150million.

United will pay Monaco between £5million and £6million for Falcao and will cover his wages, though they insist reports they will pay the 28–year–old almost £350,000 a week are incorrect.

“I am delighted Radamel has joined us on loan,” said manager Louis van Gaal.

“His appearance–to–goal ratio speaks for itself, and when a player of this calibre becomes available it is an opportunity not to be missed.”


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