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Tougher laws on danger dogs

Date published: 13 May 2014

WARNING: Some readers might find the accompanying image distressing
GREATER Manchester Police has welcomed a law change that gives them greater powers to handle the owners of dangerous dogs.

New powers, introduced today, sees the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 extended to include all private property - so for the first time, owners won’t be immune from prosecution if their dog attacks someone in their home.

The maximum sentence for the owner of a dog who kills somebody has been raised from two years to 14 years. If a person is injured from a dog attack the owner faces up to five years imprisonment. The change in legislation will also provide additional protection to people who visit homes offering essential services - but not trespassers.

Attacks on assistance dogs have also been recognised in the new legislation and will be subject to a maximum sentence of three years.

The changes come just over a year since the tragic death of 14-year-old Jade Lomas Anderson who died in March 2013 after being attacked by dogs in Wigan.

That same year Chloe Walker from Shaw called for new legislation allowing owners to be prosecuted for dog attacks on private property, after being attacked by a Japanese Akita/Rottweiler cross at the house of a friend’s relative.

The 16 year old suffered a fractured cheekbone and had her lips torn, and faced a long battle to recover from the sickening attack - which needed two operations and more than 100 stitches to repair.

Supt Mark Kenny from Greater Manchester Police said: “Sadly we have all seen the devastation caused by a dog attack and welcome the changes in legislation.

“We appreciate that the large majority of dog owners are responsible and look after their animals very well but for those that don’t, I hope the new powers and penalties will urge them to think very seriously about training and controlling their dogs.”


Anyone that owns a dog no matter what breed that dog is should be responsible for that dogs actions, if that dog kills a person then the owner should be convicted of that crime as if he or she committed that crime themselves after all they are in control of that dangerous animal, all dogs should be compulsory insured they should all require a dog licence & should all be micro chipped & muzzled & on a leash in public this should be law! & anyone flouting the law should be punished.


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