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We can provide you with advice and support on all matters that require immediate attention.
The affairs of the deceased
There are many pressing issues to address when a loved one dies, such as legal, tax and administrative matters concerning their affairs and estate.

Many organisations will need to be notified
of the death depending upon the
Some immediate considerations are:

Are there any insurance issues on vehicles and properties?
Is there now an unoccupied property? If so, what needs to be done about it?
Do benefits need to be stopped and is the surviving spouse/civil partner entitled to any future benefits?
Who needs to be notified of the death?
Where can you go for bereavement support?
How do you prevent future mail arriving for the deceased?
Below is a list of things you may need to consider:
Accounts with: banks, building societies, the Post Office, Premium Bonds and Co-operative Society.

Payments being made: insurance policies, rental or HR agreements, standing orders, credit cards.

Change of name of responsibility for: electricity, gas, telephone, car, car insurance, house insurance, TV Licence, etc.

Notification of death will need to be sent to: employer, the Tax Office, the Passport Office, the Pension's Departments, professional associations, local clubs and organisations, DVLA (driving licence), family doctor, child's teacher (if a parent, brother or sister has died), D.S.S/DWP - for return of any appliances or cancellation of services, and hospital for cancellation of any appointments.

Change of circumstances: if the financial circumstances of the remaining family have now altered then various grants and allowances may be available from the state, such as help towards funeral expenses, rent/council tax rebates, widow's pension etc.

Your local Town Hall, Citizen's Advice Bureau or D.S.S/DWP office will be able to help you.

Paying for the funeral
If you think you may have trouble meeting the costs of the funeral, please discuss this with us at the time of arrangement.

You may be able to apply for a Social Fund Funeral Payment to help with the cost and we have information on who may be eligible and how to make a claim. Payment can only be authorised by the Department of Work and Pensions who can be contacted at or 020 7712 2171.

If you do not qualify for a payment we may still be able to advise you on other forms of assistance.

Bereavement support
Cruse Bereavement Care offers free help and advice to those coming to terms with the death of a loved one.
People deal with death and bereavement in many different ways.

Cruse Bereavement Care exists to promote the well-being of bereaved people and to help those who have suffered the death of a friend or family member to understand their grief and cope with their loss.

The charity provides free support, information and advice, as well as education and training services. For more information visit or call 020 8940 4818.

Stopping unwanted mail
As a client of The Co-operative Funeralcare, you will benefit from the services of the Deceased Preference Service.
We work with the Deceased Preference Service to ensure the names of the deceased are removed from databases and mailing files.

The Deceased Preference Service offer a simple service that aims to reduce the amount of direct mail sent to those who have died.

Further information about this service can be found at

Dealing with the deceased’s estate

The administration of the estate of the deceased covers legal, tax and administrative work and can be both complex and time-consuming.

Many people prefer to appoint a professional organisation, such as Co-operative Legal Services, to administer the estate on their behalf.

They can help to explain the meaning of terms such as Probate (Confirmation in Scotland) and help you identify who has the legal right to administer the estate of the deceased as the Personal Representative, as well as their role and liability.

At The Co-operative Funeralcare all of our clients are given free legal advice and support from The Co-operative Legal Services following the death of a loved one. Visit our Legal Support section to find out more

Looking to the future
The death of a loved one often prompts many people to consider whether they have made adequate provision for their family when they pass on.

Writing a will can ensure that the interests of your loved ones will be taken care of should you pass away.

The Co-operative Legal Services can provide further help, information and advice on writing a Will. Contact them on 0800 587 5266 or visit their website

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