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The Co-operative Legal Services offer free advice to help you with the administration of the deceased’s estate
At The Co-operative Funeralcare our services include free legal advice, helping you to deal with important matters such as the Will and organising your loved one’s affairs.
We will arrange for a representative from The Co-operative Legal Services to contact you after you have made your funeral arrangements to answer any legal concerns you may have.

This includes helping you to deal with important matters such as the Will coming to terms with the administrative tasks ahead. It may also be possible for Co-operative Legal Services to arrange to pay for the costs of the funeral from the estate.

Access to the Will
Even if another solicitor prepared the Will, you can still use The Co-operative Legal Services.
The deceased may have made specific funeral requests in their Will. Therefore, you may want to access the Will before finalising the funeral arrangements.

If a Will was created it should have been kept in a safe place and the Executor, close friends or family should have been informed on where it was kept. If a solicitor has made the Will, they should have a copy.

Dealing with the deceased’s estate
When someone dies leaving possessions or property, administration of the estate will need to be carried out which will include legal, tax and administrative activities. In certain circumstances a process known as Probate, or Confirmation in Scotland, may need to be carried out. This is required whether there is a Will or not.

At what is already a difficult time, the Co-operative Legal Services team of experts will provide you with free, individual advice over the phone on any legal concerns you have after arranging a funeral with us.

If legal work is required, they can provide further help with a free, no obligation home visit, where they will discuss exactly what needs to be done, how they can help you and the costs involved.

The Administration of an estate can be complex and time consuming to complete. You may wish to carry out this work yourself however due to the legal responsibilities associated with these tasks you may wish to appoint a legal professional to carry out the work on your behalf.

The Co-operative Legal Services are dedicated to widening and easing public access to legal provision.

This includes:

obtaining the Grant of Probate (if required)
filing all the necessary tax returns
collecting all assets of the estate
paying off any debts and liabilities from the estate
distributing the residue of the estate
No unexpected costs
As you’d expect, The Co-operative Legal Services are very competitively priced.

They do not charge by the hour but instead provide a transparent fixed-fee service and will agree their fees with you in advance before they start any work - there are no hidden charges. Should you obtain a written quote from another solicitor The Co-operative Legal Services will also agree to match any like-for-like quote.

Its also worth noting that if funds are available, these fees can be taken from the Estate, meaning that you would not need to bear the financial burden during the administration period.

For free, immediate and individual advice and guidance on the legal and administrative processes following the death of a loved one, call The Co-operative Legal Services on:
0800 587 5266 or visit for further information.
Probate and Estate Administration services are carried out by The Co-operative Trust Corporation Limited. The Co-operative Legal Services is a trading name of The Co-operative Trust Corporation Limited, part of The Co-operative Group Limited.

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