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A Very Basic Beginners Class for the Ukulele.

12 February 2020 - 04 March 2020

Wednesday 12 February 2020 - Wednesday 04 March 2020
19.30 hrs

The Haggate
Middleton Rd.,


We ran an introduction to the Ukulele course.

A well served evening was had by all. And so, because of that success. It was decided to run a limited Beginners Class. The Class will only run for 4 Wednesday weekly nights. As it's only meant, to get the peeps up to speed in the basics. From there, they can join our group, " or others" and learn their skills further. And so, what will you need for the class?

1: A Ukulele. " we will not be supplying any, sorry!"

2: A Tuner. As you will need to tune your new Ukulele.

3: An Android Tablet or I-Pad. to download the needed PDF file: Beginners Binder "Kiss."

4: Or a paper copy of Beginners Binder Kiss. " again we will not be supplying any, sorry!" nb: Anyone on Facebook, can download it from our "Files Section." For printing it out.

5: Attention, perseverance and drive.

What will you get from the class?

1: Sore fingers!! " Oh yes !!."

2: Frustration and a little annoyance

3: Very quickly, a skill and enjoyment of playing and sharing the ukulele.

4: The satisfaction of doing something you thought you couldn't do.

5: Meeting peeps who think like you and to have a "bash with."

What do we get out of it??

1: The enjoyment of sharing our art with others.

2: Of possibly increasing our fold.

3:Again, we as a group, seeing the enjoyment of sharing our "art" with others.

Any questions, just get in touch and ask away. " Facebook or E-Mail please."

Entry fee: £1.00p

Contact: Ian Kemp
07733 320514

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