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Do it Despite...

17 October 2020

Saturday 17 October 2020

Online with Zoom


Is there something you want to do but unpleasant thoughts stop you? Join me to find out how to 'Do it Despite' those unhelpful thoughts and feelings. So what's keeping you stuck? If goal setting was easy you would already have done what you want to achieve, am I right? But it's those niggling, interfering thoughts that stop you moving forward, "I can't because......Everyone will laugh at me......I don't have the confidence..... I'll fail......I don't have the will power......I'm too lazy.......I don't have the time........" I found Acceptance and Commitment techniques were great at helping clients stuck in a loop of unhelpful thoughts and feelings. By helping them 'unhook' from unpleasant thoughts they overcame barriers that for years had stopping them living the life they wanted. Although the thoughts were still there my clients could respond to them more effectively, they could achieve their value based goals despite their thoughts and feelings. This course is for you if..... You want to achieve your goals but find you can't because of unhelpful thoughts, feelings and emotions. You have tried positive thinking and found it didn't work for you. You want another tool to help you feel more resilient. You want to live more in the present moment. You want to push through difficult barriers. You have tried to achieve a goal in the past but you gave up. You want to set goals in line with your values. You want to lead a full and meaningful life.

Entry fee: £39.00 or early bird £29.00 (until 17/09/2020).

Contact: Joanne Forristal

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