Aesthetics nurse Kirsty turns her and Kyla's whole lives around

Date published: 16 May 2018

From the trauma of almost losing her four-year-old daughter in an accident at home, Kirsty Hughes has taken little Kyla’s inspiration and turned both their lives around.

Mills Hill School pupil Kyla is nine now, but five years ago doctors at hospital warned mum Kirsty to expect the worst after a freak accident at home.

Kirsty was forced to cut short her nursing studies at the time as Kyla was hospitalised for a spell, but once Kyla returned to nursery, inspiration soon followed.

Kirsty returned to college, has now graduated as an aesthetic nurse, and this week has opened an exciting new mobile business,.

Kirsty said: “When nursery rang and told me that Kyla had said proudly ‘my mum is going to be a nurse’, I just had to do all this for her.

“She was even prouder when I graduated as a nurse Kirsty Christina Aesthetics, and now I’m determined to make this aesthetics business successful for her and me.

“It’s unbelievable really. If I’d have looked at my life after Kyla’s accident and someone then would have told me how it would all pan out, I would never have believed them.

“At that time I can’t explain to anyone just what kind of place I was in – depression doesn’t even come into it.

“Now, though, the way I’ve flipped this whole negative experience around just makes me feel proud.

“Sometimes life can be so hard, even for people who do generally lead a good life.

“Life itself can be challenging enough, but then when you go through something like I did it can be so easy to just give up.

“It’s so easy to just say you don’t want to do anything any more.

“I did feel like that back then and I didn’t want to go out of the front door. Now, everything has changed for the better and I’m so proud of myself.”

Kirsty will offer various aesthetics and beauty procedures direct from her extremely attractive, purpose-built mobile base, and already feedback has indicated that she is guaranteed to be exceptionally busy.

Kirsty, also mother to Konner (eight) and Amelia-Grace (one), added: “One day an ice-cream van drove past me and that gave me the idea to go mobile.

“At first I just laughed about it, but then I said to my partner Gareth ‘can you imagine that?’ and laughed again.

“I mentioned the idea on Facebook and that’s when I realised the idea might work.

“Basically it’s a motor home that’s been ripped out and re-done.

“I’m going to be going everywhere.”

Check out the Kirsty Christina Aesthetics dedicated Facebook page for contact details.