Leader of the Council in angry Twitter exchange

Reporter: Carl Hartley
Date published: 01 February 2019

The leader of the Council has told a Revolution 962 listener that he will "disregard his negative views" following an exchange on Twitter.

The two clashed following a story the Oldham Chronicle reported yesterday in which Cllr Sean Fielding outlined his plans to encourage more evening and night-time business which will encourage people to stay in the town for longer.

Twitter user @nowayhozay wrote: "I find this staggering, we had a night time economy in this town that was decimated long before the demise of pubs started. Are the council deluded enough to think this can be just reinvigorated? Our town is on its knees!"

It sparked the following response from the leader of the Council: "So in summary your feedback is “Oldham needs to be better but don’t bother doing any work to achieve that”. Given that my job is to use the machinery of the Council to make Oldham a better place I’m going to disregard this defeatist negativity. Ta."

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