School given 'Beacon Peaceful Schools Award' for pioneering peace within education

Reporter: Alex Brooke
Date published: 28 November 2019

An Oldham school has won a top award for it's work promoting peace, in the classroom and local community. 

Alexandra Park School, which is a junior school, will be presented with the prestigious Beacon Peaceful Schools Award, on December 4th. 

It recognises their work, aiming to make the world a more peaceful place and being pioneers of peace within education. 

A few exceptional schools have become Beacon Peaceful Schools, there are only 14 of them in the UK at the moment. 

The award is given according to how pupils are helped to develop inner peace and what is done to develop a peaceful set of relationships in schools. 

The whole school ethos is also measured along with peace work  done beyond the local school.

Alexandra Park will be presented with the award by the Peaceful Schools Movement. 

One of their staff members, Simon Clark has also been awarded the Peacemakers award. 

He is the second person at the school to recieve the accolade.. 

A peacemaker is defined as a person who goes the extra mile towards the promotion of peace within the community. 

Mr Clarke has been described as an excellent role model in the school community, after providing opportunities for all children to participate in sports and supporting everyone when difficulties arise. 

Alexandra Park headteacher, Mrs Seabright said: 'It is an honour that Alexandra Park Junior School has been recognised as a Beacon Peaceful School.  

"We work together to embed attitudes and values such as respect, fairness, compassion and harmony in our school.   

"Our children are amazing when it comes to spreading 'Positive Peace.'"

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