OSO’s winning score..

Reporter: GM
Date published: 29 June 2010

Oldham Symphony Orchestra, Hulme Grammar School

The Oldham Symphony Orchestra (leader Ann Heeks) gets better and better under the baton of its regular conductor, Richard Waldock.

Ensemble work is securely balanced. Individual instruments display with confidence in exposed moments.

In the first half of this concert concert, accomplished violinist Adi Brett gave an enchanting and powerful account of Beethoven’s Violin Concerto. Richard Waldock brought out the very best in his players to match the artistry of the soloist.

In the second half we were given a rare chance to experience the youthful Mendelssohn’s symphonic take on the Lutheranism in which he had been raised.

The OSO showed why the piece deserves more airings, with its uncompromising commitment to the music’s inventiveness and celebratory atmosphere.

The next OSO concert will be held in the Oldham Hulme Grammar Schools on Sunday, November 21, and include symphonies by Haydn and Brahms.