Triumphant return to Manchester for AC/DC

Reporter: Paul Webster
Date published: 10 June 2016

ROCK fans invaded north Manchester last night (Thursday, 9th) to witness the much-heralded return of AC/DC to these pastures.

Much, if not all, of the talk pre-show was about whether fans young and old would 'accept' temporary front-man Axl Rose into the fold. It appears they did.

Paul Webster, from the Oldham Chronicle, was there to witness the 'party' goings-on - take a look at his reflections.

I suppose it should come as no surprise that the return of AC/DC to Manchester was met with some trepidation with the arrival of legendary warbler Axl Rose taking over the vocals from established Brian Johnson.

There really was no need.

A huge crowd saw a band that have been around for forty years put on a show of sheer class.

Professional is the word to sum it up, oh and exhilarating, spectacular and very very loud.

From the opening track 'Rock or Bust' all the way through the set Axl provided the perfect vocals to a set made up of mostly older AC/DC classics.

Make no mistake though this is Angus Young's band. At 61, the man shows no sign of slowing down and if there is a better showman and guitarist on the planet I am yet to see him.

The audience was about as cosmopolitan as I have seen at the Etihad and the two hours twenty minutes seemed more like a party than a gig.

Finishing off before the encore with 'Let there be Rock' culminates with Angus on a raised platform above the crowd with your customary pyrotechnics.

The encore brought all the old favourites to the fore with 'Highway to Hell' and Riff Raff being given a well deserved airing. Finally 'For those about to Rock' closed the set complete with cannons.

Not sure whether we will see them again but if we don't then there could not have been a finer send off.

Older certainly, bit less running up and down the stage probably. Boring never. If you were there you will remember it always.