Weather update: Increased cloud will help to lift temperatures

Reporter: Michael Coleman
Date published: 09 January 2019

Weather forecast

It was yet another freezing cold start this morning for the people of Oldham, during what is being predicted to be the coldest January on record.

Air temperatures dropped to -1°C overnight, grass and surfaces were as low as -5°C.

However, early-starters were greeted with bright sunshine and crystal-clear, blue skies whilst de-icing their cars.

Throughout the day have been more sunny spells, and the conditions have remained dry - with the maximum temperature hitting 4°C.

A gentle breeze will linger for the rest of the afternoon and clouds will thicken later this evening - bringing a slight chance of rain.

Tomorrow won't have the same beaming start, as cloud returns along with some drizzle.

The temperatures will start to creep back up though, as it's expected to reach 8°C at some time during the day.

A few bright intervals may develop in the afternoon and there is a possibility of some mist and fog over the hills.

Friday is predicted to be generally dry with some sunny spells and also some areas of cloud and mist.

There will be some late rain to continue into the night, which will clear by Saturday morning.

More wind and cloud follow, with sunny streaks and some isolated showers making up the weather for the rest of the day.

Sunday is similar, with breezes still present and conditions staying dry for the most part, except for a few showers.

Next week will start brightly despite low temperatures, and conditions will remain dry with a few clouds lingering.

More clouds will appear on Tuesday which will thicken - bringing light rain in the evening to continue into the night.

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