Letter: Please ask your MP to help low-income families make ends meet

Date published: 10 November 2017

Dear Editor,

There are four million children currently living in poverty in the UK.

Across the country, it is getting even tougher for low-income families to make ends meet.

Cuts to welfare support and rising prices leave them struggling to provide healthy meals and a warm home for their children.

Without savings or access to affordable credit, these families are forced to pay more for day-to-day essentials. Many have no choice but to turn to high cost rent-to-own companies if their fridge or washing machine breaks, but this could mean they end up paying up to three times more.

Low-income families shouldn’t be forced to pay more for household essentials.

Concerned readers can support Child Poverty Action Groups latest campaign and ask our MP to write to the Government asking for action to protect low-income consumers. This can be done in a few moments at:



Andrew Wastling

The views expressed are those of the author of the letter and not those of Oldham Chronicle.