Should Brexit be renamed 'Project Fear'?

Date published: 27 July 2018


The Brexit process is without doubt in a complete mess and that is largely due our Remainer Prime Minister's handling of it with the help of the pro-EU civil servants, while ignoring the department set up to organise it.

We now have an orchestrated last ditch effort to stop or reverse the leave result of the 2016 referendum by a string of Remain supporters including Sir John Major, who says it will be bad for the UK and Dominic Grieve MP who has said a no deal would put UK in a "state of emergency”.

Both are pushing for a second referendum. Another case of "Project Fear". 

Instead of talking-up the opportunities that are awaiting us around the world - BAE have just had an order from Australia to build war ships - these people prefer to spread doom and gloom propaganda stories in an effort to convince an ever sceptical public woes that we face.

Just like the EU and EC they prefer to ignore democracy and the will of the people and keep voting by referendum until they get the "right" result that suits their views.

The 17.4 million who voted to leave the EU knew exactly what they were voting for and expect he Government to do what they were instructed to do.

Phil Griffiths

Broadcaster and Commentator

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