Opening of outdoor learning equipment at St Anne`s CE Lydgate Primary School

Date published: 22 November 2017

New outdoor learning equipment to help further develop the children’s physical skills and to get the children to challenge themselves has opened at St Anne`s CE Lydgate Primary School.

Mrs Galbraith, Miss Jenkinson and the Before and After School Club wanted something that other year groups could use, for children to develop and manage ‘risk taking’ in a controlled environment, to develop the children’s confidence, and increase team work and communication, build resilience and determination.

The Parent Teacher Association got involved to help raise some money to build it and St Anne’s Three Peaks Dads - raised £2,029 to donate towards equipment or activities for the pupils of St. Annes School, Lydgate.

They were Lee Dyer (Mia Dyer year 6), Danny Cocking (Eleanor Cocking year 6), Jonny Simpson (Lola Simpson year 3), -Carl Cross (Cara Cross year 1), Steven Rigby (Charlotte Rigby year 5), Steven Wilde (Libby Wilde year 5/Jake Wilde year 3), Sean Wilson (Oliver Wilson year 3/ George Wilson Reception), Lee Renner (Ruby Renner year 3/Belle Renner Reception) and the driver, Richard Taylor (Libby Taylor year 3).

The Three Peaks Challenge involves climbing the three highest peaks in England, Wales & Scotland within 24 hours, a total walk of 24 miles, and a vertical climb of 10,000 feet.

Jane Fraser, Headteacher said: “A lot of teamwork, time, blood, sweat and tears has gone into this project and we have all worked together to develop our school.

“Staff, Parents, Friends, Governors and Children have all come together to make this school better for us all!

“There has been commitment, determination and a willingness to make a difference to you all- which is so very special!

“We are all very lucky, isn’t it amazing what we can all achieve when we all work together?

“It's great to see the fruits of our labour.”

Over the next week Year Reception, 1, 2 and 3 will be taken and shown how to use the equipment safely.