School's acts of kindness

Date published: 27 March 2018

Iqra High School in Glodwick and representatives from the Oldham Interfaith Forum presented roses to shoppers in Oldham as random acts of kindness.

They were keen to highlight kindness, compassion and love to the community of Oldham.

Islam is a religion of peace and mercy, in keeping with the traditions of its teachings,

Iqra High School staff and students hope to strengthen relationships within the town and beyond to promote good relations and spread smiles to young and old.

Fr Phil Sumner, from the Oldham Interfaith Forum, said: “We are pleased to be associated with these acts of kindness, these attempts of the pupils of a school to reach out to the people in the wider community and to show, symbolically, their desire to build good relations with them.

"I hope the response they experience will encourage them to go even further.”

Nargis Khan, from Iqra High School, said: "As part of our enrichment week, this is one act of kindness our students will benefit from enormously.

"Other activities include visiting and building relationships with nursing homes, which will enrich our students and bring smiles to faces of residents."