Crowd cheers on sex romp couple

Reporter: EXCLUSIVE by Geoff Wood
Date published: 12 August 2008

Two suspended as public gets an eyeful of pair’s steamy antics 

TWO council contract staff have been suspended after they were seen having sex in an office.

And they were romping for so long, a crowd of around 20 people had gathered to watch and cheer.

The amorous couple were spotted naked at a window displaying too much unity at the offices of Unity Partnership in Oldham town centre.

Cheers broke out as the pair frolicked in full view of onlookers outside Henshaw House, Cheapside.

The pair could be clearly seen by the crowd which included taxi drivers and police community support officers.

Things started to get steamy around 10.30am on Friday, said witnesses.

The couple began to frolic behind a slightly frosted window unaware that they had an audience. One witness said: “There were a number of us there who saw them — including taxi driver and police community support officers.

“In all there was a crowd of between 15 and 20 people out there.

“The couple went on having sex for about 20 minutes.

“One of the police community support workers then went inside to let them know they were being observed.

“I don’t know whether they were given the message. But not too long after they stopped.

“I personally thought it was funny. But they were both naked.”

Lee Robinson, managing director of the Unity Partnership, which is teamed with OIdham Council to improve efficiency and back-room services said: “While the details of the incidents are still emerging we want to make it clear that Unity takes this matter very seriously. The two individuals concerned have been suspended pending a full investigation.

“We do not wish to comment further since to do so would prejudice the investigation.”

Deputy leader of Oldham Council Jackie Stanton said: “We expect Unity staff to share the same values and code of conduct as council colleagues and so are very concerned about these allegations.

“However we are satisfied that Unity is following the right procedures in dealing with this and that it will take appropriate disciplinary action if the allegations prove to be correct.”