Spooky spirits in pub

Date published: 14 November 2008

A HAUNTED pub in Saddleworth gave a spooky night out for a team of visiting ghost-hunters.

And plenty of ghostly presence was picked up by the professional ghost busters Tameside Paranormal at the Farrar’s Arms, Grasscroft, on Wednesday night.

A medium picked up a strong presence of Sarah, the pub’s best known ghost.

It was sensed that she was forced to wander the pub after breaking her neck on the stairs as she tried to escape after being attacked and raped.

Team researcher Stuart Hilton said they also picked up signals of two ghostly men playing crib and the spirit of a man playing tricks in the gents.

He said: “We did not see any ghostly characters but our medium picked up plenty of presence there. ”

The Farrars in Oldham Road has long had a reputation for ghostly goings-on.

Licensee Melanie Lord said: “There is a lot of history to this place. I think it has quite a few spirits.”