Don’t be a dirty pig

Reporter: Dawn Eckersley
Date published: 15 January 2009

OLDHAM Council has teamed up with Keep Britain Tidy to rid the borough’s streets of chip trays, kebab wrappers and burger boxes.

The Dirty Pig campaign will tackle the mucky problem of fast-food waste which makes up a quarter of all litter on the streets.

Keep Britain Tidy has produced a series of posters intended to shame teenagers who drop litter.

In addition, the council will step up enforcement action and issue fines to anyone caught dropping litter, while neighbourhood police teams will also be on the lookout for Dirty Pigs.

The Dirty Pig campaign is being run alongside a national survey conducted by Keep Britain Tidy to identify which fast-food brands are the major sources of litter.

The main offender in Manchester was Greggs.

Phil Barton, Keep Britain Tidy chief executive, said: “Fast-food litter is a considerable problem for many communities. It is a huge eyesore and adversely affects people’s perceptions of themselves and their neighbourhoods.

“We also believe that low level anti-social behaviour such as littering can lead to more serious crimes which have a major impact on quality of life in an area.”