Budget bus firm targets Oldham

Date published: 07 October 2010

BUS passengers in Oldham can soon take advantage of a £1 any-journey fare from October 24.

Hyde-based Speedwellbus is bringing its low fares SpeedwellValue project to the long-established 409 route between Ashton and Oldham.

The S49 buses will run every 20 minutes, on Sundays initially, from Ashton through Bardsley, Hathershaw, Oldham to Royton before terminating in Rochdale.

Plans are already in place for a full seven-day week service from the New Year.

All journeys cost a flat fare of £1 or 50p for children, and an all day ticket is priced at £2.

The low-fare services were launched in Tameside in 2009 and have been a success, with more than 2,000 people currently using the Ashton-to-Mossley and Carrbrook services every day.

Speedwell boss Jack Hampson said fares were typically less than half the price of normal bus services, so Tamesiders have seen big falls in their weekly travel costs, and now it is Oldham’s turn.

Speedwell boss Jack Hampson said: “With everyone’s finances under pressure at the moment we are seeing huge support for these low-fare services.

“My company wants to help people get through the hard times, and I want this project to be a part of the community in all the areas which we serve.

“We are starting with Sunday buses first to get our name known in Oldham, but we can’t wait to get the full daily service up and running.”

When the new route launches, the first two Sundays — October 24 and 31 — will be completely free to everyone.

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