Council uses new law to snare taxi licence cheat

Reporter: Richard Hooton
Date published: 07 December 2012

A MAN was caught trying to bribe his way to become an Oldham taxi driver - and is one of the first to be prosecuted under a new law as a result.

Oldham Council brought a successful prosecution under the new Bribery Act 2010 against Mawia Mushtaq of St Thomas Street North, Werneth.

Mushtaq took a driving test with a council licensing officer for a private-hire licence on October 5 2011.

But when the 26 year old was told he had failed, Mushtaq offered the officer £200 then £300 to change the result.

The examiner told his manager, who told police.

Mushtaq was convicted at Manchester Crown Court under the new law, which came into force in July. he was sentenced Mushtaq to two months in jail, suspended for 12 months. A two-month curfew order will keep him indoors between the hours of 6pm-6am.