Under-age girls lured in for sex

Date published: 25 May 2015

TWO vulnerable under-age girls were plied with booze and drugs by older men bent on taking advantage of them to have sex, a court has been told.

The girls — one 13, the other 15 — who had had difficult and troubled home live and despite the efforts of staff, repeatedly absconded, sometimes staying out all night.

A jury at Manchester’s Minshull Street Crown Court heard how their behaviour was often “risky and irresponsible” and both liked the company of adult men.

Four Oldham men, arrested following an investigation into child sexual exploitation, are before the court on charges involving the girls and a 13-year old boy.

Neil Usher, prosecuting, said each of the men had played a part, directly or indirectly, in sexual offences involving the younger girl, described as particularly vulnerable.

On three occasions within days of each other in September, last year, the girls absconded from their respective care homes spending nights at addresses in Oldham.

On the last occasion they had been at a terrace house on Worsley Street, Glodwick, which they later claimed to have visited many times.

The younger girl told police she had had unprotected sex with 27-year old Bilal Ahmed while “out of her face” on alcohol.

The court was told that in the first incident six days earlier, the two girls and a 13-year old boy who had also absconded, went into Rochdale where they met 20-year old Hassan Ali.

He suggested going to Oldham on the tram and they were later joined by Ahmed who arranged for them to stay overnight at an address on Tentercroft, occupied by the other two defendants, Dilon Rasul (23) and Mohammed Suleman (47).

The jury was told earlier on the journey into Oldham the girls had been overheard saying they planned to have sex that night if there were any “fit” boys.

Both described being plied with booze and drugs, and the boy described at least one of them as being “smashed” on vodka.

They admitted to “snogging” sessions with Ahmed and Ali.

The second time the girls went missing, they were again at the Worsley Street address.

The court was told that both Ali and Ahmed denied all the allegations against them, but analysis of mobile phones seized by police revealed scores of texts between the two girls and the men.

Ahmed denies any form of sexual activity, and says he never went to the Worsley Street address.

Ali maintains he had no relationship with either girl and says though texts were sent from his mobile phone, he had not sent them.

Bilal Ahmed, formerly of Tentercroft, pleads not guilty to two charges of child abduction, and three counts of sexual activity with a child.

Hassan Ali, of no fixed address, pleads not guilty to conspiracy to engage in penetrative sex with a child and four counts of child abduction.

Dilon Rasul of Worsley Street, Glodwick, and Mohammed Suleman, of Chief Street, Oldham, plead not guilty to conspiracy to engage in penetrative sex with a child.

The trial continues.