Rising star Malique lands Hollyoaks role

Reporter: Rosalyn Roden
Date published: 10 August 2016

A TEENAGER from Hollinwood is rubbing shoulders with the stars as he secures his debut role in Hollyoaks.

Malique Thompson-Dwyer (18), who previously performed in the BBC children's comedy drama The Dumping Ground, has been cast as Prince in the Channel 4 show.

The former Oldham College pupil will appear alongside stage twin Hunter played by Theo Graham (19) and their single mum Goldie McQueen played by Chelsee Healey (28) of Waterloo Road and Casualty.

The "adventurous" teen said: "Words cannot describe how I'm feeling.

"I have not come from a privileged background so this opportunity has blown my mind away.

"My mum has kept me on my feet and taught me to believe in myself.

"It was my dream to be an actor when I was younger, so I want to thank all my family for their support."

Mum Debbie Dwyer of Barmouth Court, Hollinwood, said: "His acting journey started in Oldham and will finish here in a way.

"Malique has become internet famous which worries me a little bit because he is very good-looking.

"I'm concerned about girls chasing after him.

"But I am very proud of him.

"I believe younger people should follow their dreams because if they have a passion about something, they will succeed."

The 18-year-old, who completed an extended diploma in acting at Oldham College while auditioning for the show, is set to move to Liverpool to film at the Hollyoaks set.

During his BTEC in performing arts, Malique landed two major roles in the college's shows Long John Silver and Treasure Island.

He said: "Studying at Oldham College really helped me to build my confidence.

"I have previously attended a small drama class but my experience at the college has really helped me to build my skills, as it offers great facilities such as the Grange Theatre, so students get the chance to perform in front of a large audience.

"My tutor Miranda Parker helped me to believe in myself and told me that I had talent.

"She really supported and encouraged me to audition for roles in Long John Silver and Treasure Island."

A show spokesman said: "Malique has confidence in bucketloads and more front than Blackpool.

"He's rebellious, adventurous, and thrives on the attention of the ladies."

Malique said: "Prince is outgoing, he is cocky and cheeky and he is a ladies man too."

Prince, Goldie and Hunter will make their debut appearances in the autumn when they arrive at the village in search of their 'posh' relatives Myra, Mercedes and John Paul.

The spokesperson said: "Goldie McQueen is tough, gobby and absolutely shameless, but the one thing she cares about more than making easy money is her 15-year-old twins, Prince and Hunter, who she had in her teens."

Chelsee said about her role: "I am absolutely thrilled to join Hollyoaks.

"I've grown up watching it so to be in it is unbelievable. I can't believe I am playing a mum."