Saddleworth Festival of the Arts

A rich cultural mix!

A sparkling galaxy of international and local talent will perform at the Saddleworth Festival of Arts to be held from 6th to 14th June.

The festival, which has established high standards and traditions over five decades and is now a firm fixture on the Saddleworth scene, brings together a wide range of international, national and local talent.

It was in the mid-1950s that a small group of enthusiasts, led by the late Lord Rhodes of Saddleworth, conceived the idea of an event which would bring top-quality performers to the district, and give local organisations an opportunity to demonstrate their talents in a festival setting.

This led to the first festival in 1957, which was thought might be a one-off, but it caught the public imagination and now 58 years later the programme for the 15th festival is complete. Organised on an entirely honorary basis it is presented every four years, and the committee are confident that the 2015 Festival will maintain the high standards of the past.

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Contact Information

Saddleworth Festival

Festival Box Office,
Civic Hall,
Lee Street,

Tel: 0844 381 4338

Meeting times

Held every four years, the 15th Saddleworth Festival of the Arts will run from: Saturday, June 6th, to Sunday, June 14th, 2015.

Tickets will be on sale from 9th March.