Oldham Chronicle Summer of Creativity

Share your creative success for a summer exhibition!

The last 18 months have been a struggle to say the least. Yet, in houses, flats and gardens across Oldham, a small revolution has been taking place.

As lockdown was introduced across the country, people have been telling us about the new hobbies, challenges and ways of working which have lifted spirits, and tapped into previously unused creative juices.

Over the last year, we’ve been delighted to hear stories of weight-loss, new and exciting hobbies, arts and crafts, spectacular garden makeovers, baking, and much more!

So we’ve teamed up with Spindles Town Square Shopping Centre and Oldham Council to celebrate all that's creative in Oldham – and that’s where you come in.

We believe everyone has some creative talent they can share, be it a recipe, a DIY project, or a photo you snapped on your iPhone. This is your chance to share it!

Perhaps you’ve taken up painting, had an amazing success, or found a new way to relieve stress and relax. Maybe you've lost weight, taken up a new hobby, or transformed your garden.

Anything that has allowed your inner creativity to shine through - we want to hear about it.

We want to showcase the finest of Oldham's creativity in an exhibition at Spindles Town Square Shopping Centre at the end of summer.

It's easy to enter. Simply fill in your details below and enclose a picture of your creative project.

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We’ll create an online gallery for the world to see, and show your pictures, items, and inspiration at our in-person exhibition at Spindles Town Square at the end of the summer.

We can't wait to see what talents you’ve been hiding!

We'll be sharing stories of creativity across the summer, to highlight your talents and bring you the inspiration to share your success.

Summer of Creativity!